Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Marvel Legends Black Widow & Motorcycle

I may have had a harder time shelling out the retail price for this new Marvel Legends Black Widow & Motorcycle set, but after an Amazon Warehouse Deal discount and points earned on my Amazon card cut the price to under $18.00 shipped, I was in. Check out the video:

This newest Marvel Legends Black Widow was released on the heels of the very recent Legends Retro Series Black Widow, which reused the Mary Jane head from the Amazing Spider-Man 2pk. With this new motorcycle pack, we get a great traditional Black Widow head with longer hair, as well as a portrait straight out of the 2016 Black Widow comic, the first issue's cover also featuring the bike included. I just read this run of Black Widow on Marvel Unlimited, and thoroughly enjoyed it- recommended! Complaints regarding the painted belt haven't bothered myself as much as some collectors, but additional sculpting in this area could have made her seem less plain. The seam running down the neck into the chest bothers me more, but it's not obvious standing on a shelf from a distance. The face and eyes are tidily painted, so that's good.

Hasbro hasn't been putting many extras in these special box sets lately, continuing the trend by giving Natasha trigger fingers but no guns, so I armed her myself with a couple .45s I had. The cycle is nice, with easily rolling, rubber tires and rear suspension, Black Widow symbol emblazoned on the sides. The Ghost Rider and Motorcycle set  seems to be favored among the Marvel Legends community, and is probably a better value for the price,but I do admire the styling of the Widow cycle.

Below, Black Widow versus Scourge, a great Marvel Legends figure
with plentiful accessories that got me back into Legends last year...

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  1. It's okay- kickstand kinda sucks, and you can get very nice bikes in this scale from Maisto for a fraction of the price. Still, it has rear suspension, and a good color scheme.