Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Marvel Legends War Machine & Silver Centurion

As if there wasn't enough Marvel Legends Iron Man figures in my collection, I recently added the new War Machine and Silver Centurion to my ranks within the las couple months. These were highly anticipated by the action figure community and they did not disappoint.

The arsenal of accessories afforded War Machine in his deluxe box format is sensational; lots of new blast effects here, including the fat shoulder cannon blast, sweeping wrist gun fire, and box rocket blast, the missiles of which are separate pieces. We've seen the launch blast, though a smoky paint job at it's base is new

War Machine's gauntlet gun will also accommodate the smaller barrel fire and smoke effects included as well. Options. An alternate set of hands many have been nice, but there is so much else to enjoy, it's hard to complain.

Also included in this deluxe release is an alternate, comic based head of Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes. This is a classic interpretation of the character, based on his first solo title in the mid-'90s, and he's perfect. Such a great figure!

Below, Classic War machine with my MCU Avengers War Machine, another interpretation of the character in Marvel Legends collection I absolutely loved. In spite of the aforementioned figure, this new Classic War Machine is tough to beat with all the accessories and associated Marvel Comics nostalgia...

The Walgreen's exclusive Classic Silver Centurion was highly sought after, and hard for me to find, stumbling onto only one in the wild. Like War Machine, he's represented true to his '90s aesthetic, and a fan favorite among many of the Marvel Legends community. While I'm a classic Iron Man fan, I did always appreciate the red and silver armor. The subtly metallic red against the silver paint is fantastic- he's a beautiful figure! 

Silver Centurion came with four repulsor blasts in light, translucent yellow, and wider add-on flairs for extra options. I like the color of these; with all the blast effects among the recent Iron Man releases, we now have innumerable options. While Siver Centurion seems minor in comparison to the Deluxe War Machine above, he is a seriously cool figure that is not to be overlooked!

Below, Silver Centurion and War Machine with my Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Classic Iron Man and Iron Man 2020.  I've picked up at least seven new Marvel Legends Iron Man figures in the last year or so, but there is something special about these four classic interpretations that really appeal to me, and I think that's a common sentiment among collectors. Recommended!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. Both are really good looking figures. I was never that big on the silver and red combo but I like the figure. The affects add on really are nice.