Friday, February 26, 2021

G I Joe Classified Gung Ho, Cobra Commander & Red Ninja

 This second Wave of G.I. Joe Classified arrived late last November, and I finally got to crack them open- for whatever, this line has trickled in, and the elusive Target exclusives kind of threw a wet blanket over my enthusiasm for it. That said, these are nice action figures, particularly the beautiful Cobra Commander from this wave. Check out the video:

The Red Ninjas from this wave were a big part of the attraction of this second wave of G.I. Joe Classified figures- they fit in good with my Marvel Legends figures, like the Venompool BAF I reviewed at the end of 2020. ..

While I have a couple more Classified figures aside from what's in the photo below, I'm unsure how much further I'll pursue this line. I've liked all of them, but the seemingly unattainable Target exclusive figures are a frustration, and I'm barely a casual G.I. Joe fan- I had several 3.75" Joes in the '80s, but not much beyond that. As an action figure fan however, I have to admire the nice deco, articulation, and accessories on these. It's been said that Hasbro has recently produced figures that sometimes rival import quality, Snake Eyes, Destro, and Cobra Commander are certainly examples of this. See my post on the first G.I. Joe Classified wave!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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