Saturday, June 25, 2022

MOTU Origins Terror Claws Skeletor

I was less interested in the action feature of 'Ol Swinger Skeletor here than I was his Terror Claws accessories. I never had the '86 original, but couldn't resist this wild version of the evil Lord of Destruction! The "beastly pincher" was less than effective, but Skeletor's swinging arm feature works with his Terror Claws...

Below, a video demonstration of Terror Claws Skeletor's "Swinging Action" and accessories:

Below, Terror Claws Skeletor with MOTU Origins Battle Armor Skeletor, Wave 1 Skeletor, and Rise of Evil 2-pk Skeletor. Terror Claws Skeletor shares the same closed-mouth head that Battle Armor Skeletor came with, and his purple cowl, boots and Havoc Staff are a lighter purple...

Below, Terror Claws Skeletor rides Panthor into Castle Grayskull
where the Eternian Guards greet them with steely poleaxes ...!

The Under Siege mini comic included tells a short story involving Flying Fists He-Man, the other deluxe MOTU Origins figure released in Wave 7. I wasn't interested in that figure for my own collection, but I did again enjoy the illustrations in these mini comics...

My Terror Claws Skeletor will likely remain in a vanilla pose showing off his deadly claws, pegged onto a Ringside Collectible figure base- they work great for MOTU Origins. His ratcheted shoulders limit the figure's range of motion, but his aesthetic flair more than makes up for it. Recommended! Be sure to check out the online Battle Ram Blog for an exhaustive look at Mattel's original Masters of the Universe line I loved as a kid in 1982!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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