Sunday, June 9, 2024

MEGO G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Vs. Snake Eyes

I had my eye on this set since it's solicitation in 2021, only biting the bullet a couple weeks ago when I purchased it for $14.99 on Hasbro Pulse, a 63% discount on its original price. While I'm somewhat a casual G.I.Joe fan, I often dabble when it comes to Mego properties, and these two deluxe figures were a steal. Check out the video:

Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes came with an unusually large cache of accessories for the typical Mego figure, and also enjoy the benefits of Mego's newer bandless body. They can also stow most all their weapons on the figure, in pouches on the belts, backpacks, and in holsters.

The waiting game paid off for these two beautiful figures, but they are every bit worth the original asking price. When Mego reappeared on the scene in 2018, I only bought some of the newer 14" DC Comics characters, eventually moving into their newer 8" line. It's possible we won't get any more G.I. Joe Mego figures and I'm fine with that, though I'd love having a few more. A Cobra Commander/Destro 2pk would be my next pick, possibly followed by a Duke/Scarlett 2pk. Dare to dream, Mego lovers!

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