Monday, June 17, 2024

Figures Toy Co. JLA Batman

 This "Justice League of America" edition of Figures Toy Company's Mego Batman has a few differences from the original Mego Batman, including the scalloped cuffs as opposed to oven-mitt gloves, blue shorts, and a much smaller chest emblem. The pupiled eyes are important to me because the Mego Batman of my '70s childhood was this version, not the first version with removeable cowl. Below, Figures Toy Co. JLA Batman and Vintage Replica Batman, and again with my Mego 50th Anniversary Batman...

While I'm a black trunks sort of Batman fan, I do love the bright colors of this JLA Batman, but hated the miniscule chest emblem. I opted to procure a larger Mego style vinyl sticker to cover it and outfitted him with some Figures Toy Co. '66 Batman handcuffs and batarangs. Another outstanding Mego Batman in my collection.

JLA Batman apprehends Mego 50th Anniversary Joker with Mego Robin...

Below: JLA Batman with my variant Mego 50th Anniversary Robin 

I have no idea how Figures Toy Company was able to produce such faithful replicas of all these Mego toys, but wonder if they can continue since Mego was reborn in 2018, and recently reissued more exact replicas of past DC Comics figures. I don't know what that looks like on paper, but it allowed me to have the Batmobile and a pupil-eyed Batman. And finally, JLA Batman with a couple other 8" Figures Toy Co. DC heroes, Shazam and Green Arrow!

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  1. The bigger logo and over mitt gloves look better though I suppose the regular hands are good to hold things.