Friday, May 27, 2011

6 1:6

While photographing my recent posts of  DC Direct 1:6 Green Lantern & Sinestro, some stuff in the ToyBox was getting moved around, so I thought I''d take a quick snapshot of all my DC Direct 1:6 dollies figures... nothin' fancy, just a quickie!

Click on the names to see more  :)
a.  Batman (Modern)
b. Superman (Classic)
c.  Green Lantern
d.  Sinestro
e.  Batman Beyond
f.   Martian Manhunter

 Kal-El & J'onn- SuperPals  :D

Bruce & Terry:  Back in Black

If you want to see a world class 1:6 collection, check out ToyHaven! Alex doesn't buy these DC Direct because they are slightly taller than the 12" figures he collects, and most are also in a different class/higher grade than these DCDs (think Hot Toys , Sideshow, or Medicom). Alex did however encourage me to go ahead and buy some of those larger figures I liked, and was a big inspiration behind my starting The Super-DuperToybox intitally. The photography on ToyHaven is great- it really sparked my imagination and made me start to think about how I wanted to photograph toys on my own to share with the world.

More Later- Keep Having FUN!


  1. I love the GL and Batman beyond in these photos. :D

  2. BIG thanks for the kind words, Colin ;) I'm really glad to be an inspiration but I have to humbly admit that my photography skills have a long way to go. I'm stoked to know that I did push you to start your own blog with these lovely pictures because now I've got another GREAT blog to follow.

    I always look out for your posts and must apologize for the lack of visits lately due to a sudden surge in work load but hey, keep up the fantastic work you're doing coz you can tell by the number of visitors and comments that you are a valuable asset in our community.

    CHEERS & also congrats on a great start to your 1:6 collection. Be warned, there's no turning back hahaha

  3. LOL at the "quickie". These looks good, but not really my "thing". I hope your closet isn't overflowing!

  4. Yeah... the closet, ummm pretty FULL :D
    Alex, I think you've commented on every post I ever made, LOL! CHEERS!

  5. These all look fantastic but i think i like the "Bat-Men" the best. : )