Monday, May 16, 2011

DC Action League: Captain Boomerang Vs. The Flash

After a weekend of two work shifts, three band rehearsals with 2 different bands, Sunday lunch out with Mon & Dad, and a couple workout sessions squeezed inbetween, I finally got a minute to shoot some pics of the DC Action League figures I picked up at Wal-Mart last Friday...

Captain Boomerang Vs. The Flash

Alex asked how the size of these compares to the Imaginext figures I posted recently...

Here's Action League Flash with my Mattel Retro-Action Flash...

And just for fun, a group shot  :)
Clock wise from the left: Hasbro JLA Flash that JBoy sent me , DC Direct New Frontier Flash (boxed), Mattel 8" Retro-Action Flash, Fisher Price Imaginext Flash, and the DC Action League Flash:

*See more pictures of these Series One Action League figures at Come, See Toys blog!


  1. Now all you need is the blue flash. :D

  2. i have a DC Direct Blue Flash! He's BEAUTIFUL! :)

  3. I need a Flash "Dollie" for myself along with a Batman and Doctor McCoy but i have yet to see them anywhere.

  4. Thanks for the comparison pictures Super-D :) they look pretty compatible and those DC Action league figures strike very dynamic poses. GREAT shots once again and my favorite of the lot is the last picture - GROUP shots make me happy haha ENJOY!