Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marvel Universe Dr. Doom

As Jcee requested, we will now open up the Marvel Universe Doom I picked up Thursday. When Mario mentioned picking up a single Marvel Universe Dr. Doom on the last Articulated Monster podcast, my ears perked up. Previously released only in the Secret Wars/comics two-packs, I had seen Doom on the pegs more than twice, but passed on him. Lo & behold, there was a single packed Doom on the pegs on Thursday, along with some other very cool fresh stock.

There are a lot of good things to say about this action figure- the sculpt is great, including the great cloth texture on the tunic and cape. As Mario pointed out, this single carded Doom is a more subdued green than the Secret Wars/comics two-packs version. He has double jointed knees, as well as swivel AND hinge joints on his ankles. And the details on his armor are sculpted AND painted. Doom's cape is also removable...

While his hooded pate sports only a cut joint, the painted details in the eyes & mouth of his mask really give Doom a lot of personality up close...

What I don't like is the the somewhat loose joints in this figure, but any consistency with this issue in a mass produced figure has got to be difficult to achieve. More annoying is the lack of pistol in this package, and further insulting is the right hand molded in firing pose! Hello?? Skaar & WW Hulk, both with accessories and twice the mass of this figure retailed at the same price, Hasbro! And the Skrull Soldier had TWO guns- what gives? FAIL!

Still, this is a pretty cool likeness of the villain Canadian Cal said had a worse success rate than Cobra Commander, who couldn't (laughs) take over an ant hill  :D  Like Cal, I find this irresistible about Doom- he could take over the world, but always fails. This put a funny scene in my head- the Fantastic Four rolling their eyes, groaning in the background while Doom spouts out an exasperated soliloquy, detailing a final, glorious, & deserved victory over the universe. :D

Double Doomed: Marvel Universe Dr. Doom with my childhood Secret Wars Dr. Doom... they gave HIM a weapon...

Time for a group shot!
From left to right: Marvel Select Dr. Doom by Diamond Select Toys (still boxed- bought for $12.95!), Marvel Universe Dr. Doom by Hasbro, Famous Covers Dr. Doom by ToyBiz, Secret Wars Dr. Doom by Mattel, Issue #10 of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (Feb. 1985).

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  1. I had the Secret Wars Doctor Doom (or maybe it was my neighbor's), and what amuses me about it is the strap of pouches on his thigh. That's such a cliche of 90s comics, but Doom was way ahead of the curve!

  2. we had some others from that series too, that i wish i still had: Kang, Dr. Octopus, Iron Man. i wish i had a Falcon from this series- they go for a lot- VERY cool

  3. I don't generally go for these Marvel Universe figures because of their size but I will be on the lookout for this Doom. I can't have enough Dr Doom figures in my collection. Thanks for remembering my love for this character in your post.

  4. Thanks for the review! All these MU reviews are making me itch to get some more since it looks like they have came a long way from the first few waves with all the added articulation and details. I don't get why they didn't include the pistol though, it's such a small accessory compared to other figures (ie. Iron Man even has that beam thing). Maybe they didn't have an already existing mold for that type of gun?