Monday, May 7, 2012

ToyBiz Famous Covers Hawkeye and Avengers

I got this 9" Toybiz Famous Covers Hawkeye back when I started the Super-DuperToyBox, in the autumn of 2010.  I took to my new hobby with such enthusiasm that properly photographing & writing about every purchase I made became impossible. With the new Avengers film dominating all previous box office numbers this past weekend, now is a good time to stop and look at him. I'll be seeing the film in 3-D on a "super-screen" this Thursday with a couple pals, so this won't be a critique on Jeremy Renner's big screen performance.

I showed the spectacular packaging ToyBiz put these in my post on the Scarlet Witch- really snazzy. The front/fifth panel opened to show a biography on the verso and the entire figure posed within a clear window- no ties were used, the figure posed within a molded gold plastic tray. The whole box was glossy with embossed, metallic labeling- they really went out of their way to make these deluxe. I've kept all the boxes for these in case I ever want to sell them- they take up a lot of room in the toy vault, but are too beautiful to throw away.

I'm pretty sure Hawkeye came with 3 arrows originally- being new at collecting on eBay back then, I neglected to ask the seller and was disappointed when he arrived with only one. I do remember getting him for a decent price however, and his outfit was really clean. ToyBiz did a lot right on this figure, including a decent black paint wash on the accessories, particularly the design adorning the ends of the quiver.

I was a little disappointed they didn't put Jeremy Renner in an outfit a little more like Clint Batron wears as Hawkeye in Marvel Comics. Like DC's Green Arrow, Hawkeye has such a great costume- must be the cool vibe of the archer. Absent from the updated Hawkeye is that great mask with the "H" emblazoned on his forehead- yes it's outdated against today's modernized heroes, but I love it. Hawkeye's outfit was a dark compliment to Captain America's red white & blue uniform. The glossy purple pleather on his cuffed boots and other outfit appointments have survived pretty well on this one, which have a tendency to crack and shed. There's a tiny ding in his chin, but he looks pretty good for being 14 years old!

The bow is limited in it's pose applications due to both the figures articulation and the bowstring's limited elasticity. His clawed forefingers can be difficult to get around everything, but look cool when all is in place. The joints on my Hawkeye, as on most all my Famous Covers figures, aren't super tight, so posing takes some patience.

Now for some pictures of Hawkeye with my other Famous Covers Avengers dollies action figures: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, & Hulk. I was inspired to do this grouping by an October 2011 post on the Almighty TOYHAVEN- my vision for the Super-DuperToyBox was born looking at Alex's great blog, searching for info in these ToyBiz figures. Along with several of our mutual friends, he has been a valued source of great encouragement. While on the subject of inspiration, perhaps BubbaShelby can think up a limerick about Hawkeye and the boys... you know of course that he owns a few dollies himself   ;D

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More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Yeah I am surprised the 9inch line never continued. They missed the Thing and Human Torch!!! Unforgivable.

  2. This is a really nice looking figure Colin they did a excellent job with this rendering of him.

  3. That is just AWESOME, Colin :) Thanks for sharing and the nice mention of my blog ;p Your Hawkeye still looks good while the costume of mine seems to be disintegrating already :( But the important thing is: Having FUN and enjoying them while they last! CHEERS

  4. You have convinced me to go back into my vault to check out the older figures in my collection.

  5. Hawkeye draw back your bow
    And let your arrow go
    Straight to the dollylovin' heart of Colin

    Hawkeye please hear him cry
    And let your arrow fly
    Straight to the dollylovin' heart of Colin

    Now I don't mean to bother you but Colin's in a mess
    There's danger of him losing all of his happiness
    For he loves a dolly who doesn't know he exists
    And this you can fix


    Hawkeye draw back your bow
    the whole world already knows
    that no one loves dollies more than Colin

    Hawkeye hear him cry please
    he loves dollies more than Reis
    and almost twice as much as CB

    Hawkeye with your arrow make a love storm for Colin
    he promises to love you until his mommy starts callin'
    I know between the two of you some dress-up will happen
    and pro'bly some tea

    Hawkeye draw back your bow
    And let your arrow go
    Straight to the dollylovin' heart of Colin

    Hawkeye do it for Colin
    before he starts a-ballin'
    and becomes too sad to do his Barbie aisle trawlin'

    Hawkeye don't you hear him
    Colin wants you
    and need you
    Help him

    *sung to 'Cupid' by Sam Cooke

    1. LOL! You are a natural, Bubba! One of a kind :D I loves me some dollies AND Sam Cooke :D