Saturday, February 1, 2014

TRU 18 Marvel MiniMates

These TRU 18 were not plentiful in the area, and by the time I got to see any, they were on clearance already. And I never did see the Winter Soldier/Hydra Elite 2-pack. I was happy to get these at under three bucks each though, so TRU's disorganization/distribution issues worked out in my favor. The last several posts on the Super-DuperToyBox have been about MiniMates, and there will be more to follow. I like Diamond Select's variety among the line, the Marvel MiniMates my focus here, where I enjoy the challenge up getting up close and personal with these diminutive figures. Shooting dramatic images of a 2 1/2" action figure is more difficult than a  larger six or seven inch figure, but lighting and vantage point can make up for lack of size and articulation. Lotsa fun!

 Though I've not read the recent Age of Ultron series, I loved seeing this gold Ultron drone, supposedly one of many Ultron used to conquer the Earth in the story. It's a for more vanilla buck than the detailed Ultron included in the Age of Ultron box set, but thankfully had the translucent head under it's helmet. Like DC's Brainiac, Ultron is such a great villain for his mechanically cold cruelty- the same traits that made the Terminator character so frightening.

Ultron Drone with Age of Ultron Iron Man...

As with other toy lines, Diamond puts out a lot of Wolverine MiniMates- like Iron Man, Wolvie gets a lot of room on the pegs at retail, but this is the only TRU 18 2-pack I'd seen. I did see the more recent Wolverine movie series 2-packs, and a couple other Wolverines in other recent 2-packs, but not this one. This is a great variant costume for Logan, his mask hanging behind the head to expose his wild mane. I love the black/grey outfit with highlights of yellow, though I admittedly like the character in most all his incarnations.

Age of Ultron Wolvie with Astonishing Wolverine...

AU Wolvie and Iron Man battle the Ultron Drone... !

There's an Armored Capt. America that was sold in the Cap Through the Ages box set Diamond released three years ago that I covet, but the asking price seems high on the secondary market. This Fighting Chance Capt. America has some of the same armored look I liked in the other, but with military fatigue-style flak jacket overlay. The holster for his handgun holds the weapon securely, as do Cap's hands. His shield fits onto a peg atop the left forearm, like the other Capt. America MiniMates,  but he has an additional peg on his back to carry it. His colors are bright and fun- he's a great variant on a popular character.

Fighting Chance Capt. America with Ultimate Capt. America...

 Fighting Chance Cap got a great 2-pack partner in this classic Falcon, also his fighting partner in the comics. I happen to be reading an adventure featuring these two characters in Jack Kirby's Capt. America: Bicentennial Battles right now, so the timing couldn't be better. I know we are going to see this character in one of Marvel's upcoming films, and this is the second new action figure of Sam Wilson I've seen.

Diamond gave his wings the same translucent treatment we saw in the Marvel Universe Falcon by Hasbro, the upper segment a separate arm accessory banded onto the bicep, the lower molded onto the hand- the articulation works well this way for easy posing. His bird, Redwing, fits onto his forearm with a loop molded where his feet would be. He's a great MiniMate! Falcon with Emma Frost...

Once a social activist turned professional criminal out of the bitterness of tragedy, Sam met Steve Rogers by chance when cought in the crossfire of conflict between Red Skull and Capt. America while en route to a big score in Rio. The two heroes went on to share title billing in Capt. America's comic for most of the 70s, and played an ongoing support character to the series throughout the 90's and beyond, where he is now part of the newly expanded Avengers roster in the Marvel NOW! imprint.

More Later-Make It FUN!

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