Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tech Glider Robin

I've seen a lot of these 4" Mattel Batman series in retail lately, including the Action Wing Batman modeled after Azrael/Knightfall Batman, but very few of these Tech Glider Robin figures. I thought he'd be a good choice just to see what they're like.

Mattel produced 4" figures like these in recent past, styled after the Batman Power Attack evergreen line. Like the new 6"  Total Heroes, and 2013 5" Justice League toys, Mattel seems to be trying to hit that ten dollar and under category to keep capitalism alive, now trending toward a "greatest hits" list of characters across their action figure lines.  I'm a Boy Wonder fan myself, and rarely pass on another for my collection, especially one with a soft goods cape.

 Robin's glider is two pieces, the underwing adjoined to the top by a metal disc that can be shifted/engaged for "flight". The handles peg onto the underside for the figure to grip onto, and can double as combat batons. I like the color and sculpt of the glider, as well it's multi-purpose function, in spite of it's fast food premium-like quality. Not award-winning by any means, but a fun extra for the kids.

Among my collection of Boy Wonders, Tech Glider Robin is most like my Kenner Turbo Glider Robin, of course, in both size & accessory. The Turbo Glider Kenner produced back in 1992 is superior in many ways, employing a chest harness that attaches to the figure and larger sail with detachable missiles... 

The Kenner Robin is more realistically proportioned than the Mattel figure, with more paint apps and double layered, removable cape...

Tech Glider Robin with 4" Power Attack Batman and 6" Mattel Power Attack series Strike Shield Robin- the 4" Batman doesn't have elbow & knee joints, but makes a decent partner to this Robin, whose sculpt is very much like the 6" counterpart...

Tech Glider Robin with my 5 1/2" Mattel DC SuperFriends Robin, a personal favorite...

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  1. I can never have enough Robins in my collection. It's the colors of his outfit I think. In fact I need to find me a superpowers Robin from back in the 80s to go with my Delta PROBE ONE from the same era.

  2. I like the 1992 version the best.

  3. Saw this one the other day and thought of you Super D.

  4. I have this one too, but have yet to review him on the blog. I never did get that Animated Robin, because it always bothered me that they just popped an animated head on the Batman Returns Robin's body.

  5. That last Robin figure is amazing! Never seen it before.