Monday, November 19, 2012

DC SuperFriends Robin

I'd had no luck finding this little guy for under fifty bucks in the past year or so, but stumbled upon a cache of these going for for $16.50 each, shipping included. Oh Glorious Day! Like my Hawkman from this series, this 5 1/2" Robin was a 2009 MattyCollector exclusive and came in their protective white box. 

I've said before that while these are simple toys, I appreciate their design as much as any DCUC, DC Direct, or Marvel Legends figure. Their happy colors and chunky build make them both comforting and inviting- "Play with me, I'm cute!"  And Robin is no exception...

They could not have made this little guy any cuter- his enthusiastic smile captures the young, energetic spirit of the Boy Wonder perfectly. Robin is sort of a mix of the Batman the Animated Series Boy Wonder and the Warner Brothers Teen Titans Dick Grayson. His buck is appropriately smaller than the "adult" counterparts in the series, as it should be- in my imagination, Robin is a boy of thirteen or fourteen, and it's cool to see the buck of an action figure/toy reflect that. While this whole line meant for ages 3 and up are very limited in articulation, they skipped the elbow hinges on this Robin, but they did give him swivel wrists. He also has an anchor peg for attachment to vehicles like the others- it's pretty ugly, but is what it is. As best I can gather, these were intended to activate sounds in some of the vehicles from this line of toys, but I'm unsure how this feature worked and it doesn't seem to activate anything when seated in my Batmobile. If anyone knows what I'm missing here, please leave a comment below and enlighten me.

I was likely more amused by the accessory included with this figure than the parent that bought him- the disc launcher packs a wallop! There's a warning sticker on the card backer about not aiming at the face, but you know some kid shot his sister with it. I'll keep this handy  ;D

Finally, my SuperFriends Batman has his partner in crime fighting by his side!

Of course this also meant Batman could have the right kid riding shotgun in the Batmobile! This was a fun moment, akin to my recollections of having a Batman & Robin to plop into my Mego Batmobile as a kid in the 70's- not quite as cool, but there's a certain satisfaction in having a dynamic duo to ride in your Batmobile   :D

Pictured below are DC SuperFriends Batman & Robin with the more recent Mattel Power Attack Batman & Robin. These guys also had a cool Batmobile I skipped on because I don't really even have room for the SuperFriends Batmobile.

SuperFriends Robin is a welcome addition to my Boy Wonder collection. See my posts on DC Direct Arkham Asylum Robin and Batman Incorporated Robin, my Kenner Turbo Glider Robin from 1992, and my Imaginext Robin w/cycle...  

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I love that Batmobile. The lines and bubble top are extra sweet. Why do I cringe everytime I hear the words 'Matty Collectible'? They just seem to be bend on soaking us fans for all they can for the figures they know we really want. I expect that from a secondary market but there should be somewhere for a collector to get a fair price for their figures. Luckily I have a guy in Montreal who owns a toys store and gives me a chance to get the figures I want at regular retail prices and sometimes special deal.

  2. I am glad you were finally able to pick this Robin up and at such a great deal at that. These figures look awesome in these pics.

  3. Awesome Super-D! Congrats on the score of this one buddy.

  4. Great Robin!

    The 'peg' on their backs was originally intended to hold interchangeable backpack/accessories. Does his blade/weapon thing attach to his back?

  5. I like the Power Attack figures.

  6. Awesome pick up. I need to get my hands on those Super Friends Batman and Robin.

    The Batmobile is pretty sweet looking as well.

  7. Been trying to find some DC SuperFriends for years now... no luck.

  8. ooooh I'm jealous, nothing like a good Robin figure! No matter the scale or design, they're all awesome!