Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DC Collectibles Earth 2 Hawkgirl

I bought the Earth 2 Hawkgirl at the end of 2014 with a bunch of other DC Collectibles, opening her only recently to discover she had two left hands! I contacted DC Entertainment concerning the issue, and a very nice Kevin Kiniry said he'd do his best to find me another, which surprisingly he did! This was a relief, as she was a character I enjoyed in Earth 2, with a great update to the classic Hawkgirl...

The wings are hinged, pegging securely into two holes in the figure's back- they can be swiveled without falling out because of their tight fit. The ponytail is a separate piece with no articulation, which prefer draped behind the wings. Her pistol and knife sheath onto the figure securely and fit in her hands nicely. Hawkgirl has a fair amount of articulation, but the true appeal of a DC Collectibles figure are their artful aesthetic, for which this one is a particularly fine example. These are not toys for little kids, they're art and to be handled with care. That said, they're also poseable and fun, evident in the pictures below...

As if finding me a new Hawkgirl wasn't enough, Kevin went out of his way and sent an additional Batman figure I had confessed to have admired- wow! I really enjoyed artist Greg Capullo's work on Batman: Zero Yearand the visual homage to the Caped Crusader's origins with the flanged cape and purple gloves. I look forward to busting him out of that package and getting some photos. It's true we live in the Golden Age of action figures, and DC Collectibles are responsible for that with their groundbreaking work as DC Direct, producing figures based on the art from different DC Comics stories. This tradition has continued in DC Collectibles production of  figures of rare specialty as heroes of Earth 2. Se my post on DC Collectibles' Earth 2 Flash and Green Lantern...  

Thanks to Kevin Kiniry at DC Entertainment 
for giving me a great experience!
More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. Awesome customer service! Above and Beyond i would say.