Monday, February 20, 2017

Mega Construx Power Rangers Series 1

Nearly bought those Imaginext Power Rangers a couple times this past year, but these Mega Construx minifigs have superior articulation, neatly tamped head deco, and are far more compact. They also benefit greatly from a small brick base, like other Mega Bloks minifigs. I realize some may not like the lack of  knee and elbow articulation in the Mega Bloks minifigs, but they are the some buck as the Hot Wheels Mega Bloks figures, which were among my first and still my favorites. The information I found online regarding codes had either changed, or was just inaccurate, so I just tried to find different combinations. I still ended up with two Pink Rangers, and missed out on the White Ranger, so good luck with all that. There are several minifigure lines I've enjoyed in the past few years, but these recently rebranded Mega Blox are unique and really fun!

Mega Construx Red Ranger:

Mega Construx Red Ranger with the 12" Dino Charge Red Ranger...

Mega Construx Pink Rangers:

Mega Construx Pink Ranger with the 5" Dino Supercharge Pink Ranger...

Mega Construx Green Ranger:

Mega Construx Green Ranger with the 6" Legacy Collection Green Ranger...

Mega Construx Lord Zed:

Mighty Mini Cyborg, Lego Katana, and Mega Construx Lord Zed...

Mega Construx Putty Foot Soldier:

I really enjoyed these, my only regret not finding the White Ranger. I like the simlicity of these, and don't miss the extra articulation. There are Zord sets with the Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers that include some other villains, but I'll likely stop here as I'm a very casual Power Rangers fan. That said, if a second line of blind bags came out, I'd be game!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Those are super cute.
    Isaac and I are looking forward to the new film.