Thursday, March 29, 2018

Marvel Legends 2018 Walmart Exclusive Thanos

I ran into a few of these Walmart Exclusive Thanos finally, surprised by news of this repackaged BAF from the 2015 Thanos Wave with Batroc, Hellcat and Spider-Woman. Threre was also another Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk from the Age of Ultron movie. I had interest in Hellcat initially, having read Marvel NOW! She-Hulk relaunch in 2014, but had stopped collecting Legends for a few years there. The packaging on this looks great, as does the figure inside. At the price of a regular Legends figure on the pegs, getting this beefy 7.25" figure with extra head and Infinity Gauntlet accessories is a decent value.

The recoloring of the previous, more darkly painted Thanos in his classic colors looks great. Accentuated by silver panel lines throughout the limbs, the figure has an all-over metallic finish, the Infinity Stones individually colored on the gauntlet. The skin is darker than the previous version as well, one with the iconic evil grin, one close-lipped.

The articulation is pretty limited, due in large part to the bulk of the figure, but the hips are just poorly designed and nearly immobile. The abdominal hinge is also extremely limited, unfortunately, and the elbows aren't a great deal better. Still, he'll mostly stand on the shelf, Infinity Gauntlet outstretched in a menacing fashion. I'm mostly okay with that for now because this Thanos is just such a great looking action figure- a great value for that alone at twenty bucks, in spite of the limited articulation.

Below, Thanos with another shiny Marvel Legends BAF, the 2013 Iron Man 3 Wave Iron Monger. Like Thanos, Iron Monger has a lot of looks, but limited range of articulation...

Perhaps my favorite BAF was last year's Gladiator Hulk,
who by comparison had better articulation than Thanos in my opinion...

And finally, the Marvel Legends Thanos with my Marvel Select Thanos and smaller Marvel Universe Thanos, who were also styled after the classic look of the character. The Marvel Select is perhaps the best Diamond Select has ever released, and one of my favorite action figures. And while I've sold off most all of my 3.75" Marvel Universe figures, I've held onto this Thanos...

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. OMG! Such a great looking Thanos. I'll try to find it at our local Walmart.

    1. ...he's a looker, just don't overpay for him ;)

    2. We own one version of Thanos. I think its the Toy Biz version.

  2. I think I am became fan of Thanos after watch Avengers infinity war online trailer. When I watch first trailer of avengers infinity war movie. This was my first encounter with the Thanos and he looks cool in videos.