Thursday, March 22, 2018

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones (2017)

Jessica Jones was not even on my radar until the 2017 Netflix series hit the internet, which I still haven't seen, but I loved the plain-clothed presentation of this Marvel Legends figure. The leather jacket is great! We are getting the new dot matrix tampo for the portrait, which resembles actress Krysten Ritter from the Netflix series well enough. Interestingly, it was pointed out by YouTuber AnthonysCustoms that the same printing method was utilized for the dry brushing affect on the jeans, likely for automation and consistency. 

Jessica has serviceable articulation, as far as the females get, with some particularly good range in the torso joint and the shoulders, in spite of the jacket. She can do about as much as any female figure from Hasbro, and she really looks great.

I'm not sure how Jessica would fare against Wolverine's claws, but she did survive an attack by Iron Man and Vision in Alias #26 according to Wikipedia, but only barely. Appearing first only seventeen years ago in the aforementioned series, Jessica Jones is often affiliated with Luke Cage, Carol Danvers, the New Avengers, and of course the Defenders. She does possess superhuman strength, flight, can block mind control, and is a skilled detective.

Jessica is but one of a recent, growing number of female Marvel Legends I've acquired in the last year. Click the links to see my posts on each, from Left to right, Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel, Nakia & Okoye, Jessica Jones, Angela, Misty Knight, Thundra, Spider-Woman, and Shuri.

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