Friday, March 15, 2019

Marvel Legends Dr. Strange

Marvel fans truly live in an Age of Wonder, enjoying a movie like Dr. Strange in these times- who could have imagined we would see something like that all these years later? It was certainly one of my favorite MCU productions, having gone back to explore some of the earlier Steve Ditko material, and later Defenders just a few years ago. I had admired the spectacular detail on this figure upon his release, but had not yet hopped back on the Marvel Legends train in 2016. He had gained some worth in the time since, so I was glad to snag him recently for his original retail price on eBay, shipped free.

The sculpted fabric of Dr. Strange's cloak and clothes are superb, and the portrait of actor Benedict Cumberbatch is reasonably close. Magic effect accessory and extra conjuring hands set are more than one could ask for with such a figure, but one or two more magic accessories could have been fun. He did include a leg for the Dormammu BAF, which may be fiscally irresponsible to pursue currently. Dr. Strange also includes the Eye of Agamatto necklace around his neck, which to my delight is removable. Paint is sparse on throughout, but is present where it counts, particularly effective in the small studs and hoop on Strange's belt. By the time this figure was produced, Hasbro was already taking it's Marvel Legends line to a new level, and this beautiful action figure is a prime example.

Dr. Strange with Marvel Legends Nico Minoru and Magik, the former also part of the 2016 Dr. Strange Wave. Though based on comic versions of these ladies, Strange make an appropriately mystic ally...

Below, Dr. Strange with Star-Lord, Iron Spider, Capt. Marvel, and Mark XLVII Iron Man Sentry. While I enjoyed the recent Captain Marvel movie, I'm really looking forward to Avengers: Endgame, and seeing our favorite Marvel heroes confront Thanos one and for all!

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