Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Last Stand Wolverine

It was difficult not to take notice of other 1:6 scale Hot Toys figures after spending some time with my Amazing Spider-Man, which blew me away with it's immaculate quality and incredible detail. I was hooked! There are other Hot Toys Wolverine figures, including a very cool Days of Future Past version soon to be released, but this X-Men Last Stand was the version for me. Capturing actor Hugh Jackman's likeness expertly, this Wolverine looks bad to the bone in his black leather X-Men outfit, the design of which I'm fond of. It restricts the figure's range of articulation, but looks killer. His adamantium claws are cast in real metal and individually removable from one of the three sets of hands included. Wolverine came with cumbersome base molded in in the shape of a Sentinel's decapitated head with a somewhat weak light feature in the eyes, but the other stand included was all I really needed. See more in my video...

Last Stand Wolverine with my Hot Toys Amazing Spider-Man...

Wolverine and Spider-Man have had an interesting relationship in the comics, the humor of which I've enjoyed a great deal. The all-ages book Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet  I posted on in 2011 really cracked me up, the wise-cracking Spider-Man confounding a cranky Wolverine at every turn. Very funny! More serious in tone, Spider-Man Vs.Wolverine #1 (1987) was my first exposure to the odd coupling of Marvel characters, and the beginning of their longtime friendship. It was announced that Spidey will be taking his recently deceased friend's place in the Wolverine & The X-Men title, as mentor to the young mutants attending the Jean Grey School... at least until his eventual resurrection. R.I.P Wolverine- we look forward to seeing you again!

Hot Toys Wolverine with some of my other Wolverines in the Super-DuperToyBox, including 9" Hasbro Wolverine, 11" Hasbro Titan Heroes Wolverine,  9" ToyBiz Famous Covers Wolverine, and 3 3/4" Marvel Universe '90s Wolverine. Still packaged behind them are the 6" Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine and 7" Marvel Select movie Wolverine...

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Looks like Hot Toys has its claws on you, Super-D. Glad you are having so much FUN :)

  2. Awesome!That last shot reminded me of your big toy,little toy posts!As always,great pics ;)

  3. Great pics! At first glance you'd swear a couple of them were actual people in costumes!

  4. How do you keep on affording these goodies?

    1. ...well, I work full-time. I also live pretty small, generally speaking- I have no debt, no children, no significant other, and I'm a shrewd businessman.

  5. It's scary how much and close this figure looks like the real Hugh Jackman.

  6. Still some of the greatest action figure photographs on the web. I love the comparison photos the most as well.