Thursday, December 1, 2022

G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Viper Officer & Vipers 3-pk

I haven't posted anything G.I.Joe Classified for a full 21 months- the line has had poor distribution issues stateside, and I just lost interest during that time. But a month ago I started picking up more Joes, as I could see more becoming available and some really great figures hitting the pegs.

I won't show many more examples of the new Hasbro windowless packaging, but this one was of interest being a 3-pk, which was absolutely packed with accessories and weapons! As unpopular as this new plastic-free packaging has been, I really like the box illustration on this particular set. One thing that turned me off to G.I. Joe Classified was the unavailability of some of the exclusives, like the initial release of the Cobra Vipers, at Target I believe, so getting this set of three a couple years later was cool.

Truth be told, the enormous amount of gear is somewhat cumbersome to the figure- the chunky backpacks create a slight balance issue, the visors don't really lock onto their helmets in any secure fashion, and there's no place to stow their larger rifles onto the figure- straps would have been nice or pegged onto the packs. Additionally, the two blue Vipers have sidearms that cannot accommodate the enormous amount of firing accessories that came with the set. Regardless, they are really cool! Yes, I would have preferred a more vibrant color palette like the first Vipers had, but there's a lot you can do with these figures...


Below, my troop of Vipers finally join their leader, Cobra Commander ...!

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. I love this set and find myself messing around with these guys all the time. I just got the Python Patrol Viper as well, so now I have 5 Vipers hanging out on my shelf. I know there's a lot of reuse here but I agree, having new pistol with hollow barrels for the two standard Vipers would have been very welcome. I do love how they all have the same rifle model, just kitted out into different configurations.

    1. Yeah, I picked up a couple of those Python Patrol Vipers, too- I also got a couple Python Patrol B.A.T. figures, and have the of the Python Patrol Officers on preorder- I like the whole color scheme of those reissues.