Sunday, November 27, 2022

Mego 8in. Penguin

I'd been waiting to get a deal on this newer 2021 Mego Penguin, and finally landed him for under $2.50 shipped using Amazon points, so it wasn't going to get better than that. But decided to upgrade him with accessories from World's Greatest Superheroes on eBay for about the cost of $19.00, negating my once-in-a-lifetime deal on the figure. In my opinion, it was worth it- check out the video:

Below, 8" Mego Penguin with my 6" Mattel Batman Unlimited Series Super Friends Penguin, whose umbrella came with a heavy artillery attachment! Like the original 8" Mego Penguin from '74, these two versions exemplify the classic Bronze-Age Penguin all of us know and love.

I picked up two, vac-metal pistols while enjoying a consolidated shipping charge for accessories from the vendor, one with the BANG banner for Joker. Penguin, Joker, and Riddler are certainly the Mego figures I had in mind when I picked up the Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser! And the NECA Street Scene Diorama is a great fit for 8" Mego figures, in my opinion...

Uh oh! Looks like Batman will have to rescue the Boy Wonder 
from Penguin and his dastardly partners in crime, Joker and Riddler!

My Figures Toy Company Mego Batmobile replica is considerably smaller than the Bratz Cruiser, but the toyetic Mego Charm of it is undeniable, and the newer Mego figures fit nicely in the seats. They sell a red and blue version of the Meg Batmobile reissue, which is quite tempting! This George Barris Batmobile design really stuck with the sixties TV show in heavy syndication throughout the '70s and beyond. Visit the Mego Museum online to see look back into Mego's successful run with the World's Greatest Superheroes in the '70s and keep up with what's new since their triumphant return in 2018!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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