Friday, December 1, 2023

Legends of Dragonore Wave 1

 I had been watching this Legends of Dragonore for the last year on BBTS, and recently bit the bullet only a few days before it sold out on their website- I'm unsure if they will come back, but a Wave 1.5 in variant deco is up for preorder. Since Mattel started dropping MOTU Origins in 2020 my interest in 5.5" figures has been greatly rekindled, so Formo Toys' Legends of Dragonore proved too difficult to resist! Check out the video:

Like Mattel's MOTU Origins line, the parts on these Dragonore figures are interchangeable, and to my delight they possess a little more articulation than Formo Toys advertised- they all have boot top swivel, and the males have swivels above their wrist guards. The two females seem to have a swivel at the wrist, though one of mine seems immoveable. 

The comparisons of the Legends of Dragonore to Masters of the Universe are obvious, and like a lot of MOTU fans I'm drawn to other 5.5" fantasy action figures. I had some Remco 5.5" figures in the '80s that mixed well with my original MOTU figures, so these kind of take me back to that era, much like the MOTU Origins do.

Since Skeletor and all his friends in my MOTU Origins collection recently moved in the new Snake Mountain, my Funko Primal Age Batcave was free for the Legends of Dragonore to move in! A perfect fit! Watch the video above to see a bunch more photos of the figures interacting with the playset features. 

I'm not sure I could be happier with these figures- they aren't quite as flush with accessories, not do they have the articulation MOT Origins have, and they cost more, but they are beautiful to look at and feel substantial in your hand. The sculpt and deco are top notch on these and I look forward to Formo's second wave and dragon figures they have previewed recently. Recommended!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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