Wednesday, March 13, 2024

More Imaginext DC Super Friends!

I found a bunch of these 2021 carded Imaginext DC Super Friends figures at 1/2 price at Walmart, and though I've tripled(?) the number of Imaginext Batmen in my collection in the span of a couple weeks, I found another I needed. Like my Scarecrow 2-pk  Batman and my Bat Signal Multi-Pack Batman, this blue Batman has a translucent chest that can be lit from behind,

This Imaginext Batman is special because he looks like my Imaginext XL Defender Blue Batman:

This Mr. Freeze looks a little different that the others I've seen recently- 
he reminds me a lot of the 6" Power Attack Ice Blast Mr. Freeze I used to have ...!

This is a cheery Batgirl!

Catwoman from my Bat Signal Multi Pack would make a good sparring partner!

I had a Flash in a 3-pk vehicle set with Green Lanter and Hawkman many years ago, 
but this Flash is a little more dynamic in his color and sculpt..

The blind bag Superboy Prime I got recently doesn't have a translucent torso unfortunately, 
but he pairs well with this Supergirl- their colors are quite complementary!

The sculpt on this Black Adam is really special, made more so by his black/gold deco- Wow!

But before you go, I also found this oddball/old stock  Batman/Man-Bat 2-pk as well.
They also have translucent torsos to light from behind...

It's crazy I had just found the new blind bag Man-Bat with the different deco...

And another Batman that is very much like the new blind bag Batman I just found ...!

I prefer the blind bag Batman more (left, but this light-up version has it's own appeal...

And just like that, I have an Imaginext collection again! I'll be on the lookout for any new/interesting DC Imaginext in the future- minifigs like these are fun to photograph!

More Later- Make It FUN! 

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  1. I like the Batgirl; I wish they'd stuck with the purple in the comics. The others are good though the Flash's midsection when it lights up looks like his intestines are visible.