Sunday, March 22, 2015

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters- Legion Class Series 3

I was partially taken by the $3.00 price tag on these Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, but also interested in a couple of them being two-headed dragons in their "beast mode"! I'd been looking at various Transformers recently, as I'm a fan of both robots and toys in general, and these seemed a fiscally responsible place to experiment.

This Decepticon is the most sleek of all four in both her modes, and has a crossbow as her weapon. Her colors probably look the best as well, all black with metallic gold, silver, and purple highlights- he looks bad! The ball joints on the limbs of these robots help with the limited number of articulation points, making them surprisingly poseable. Airachnid is pretty much 5-point, while the others have some ankle articulation.

This Autobot seems the most familiar to me, and is appealing in that he transforms into a car. His articulation is pretty decent for how small he is- I have no real frame of reference as I don't own any conventionally sized Transformers. I like his car mode, which rolls easily enough, the weapon mounting into the roof. While these come with instructions, and are all easy enough to transform, Smokescreen was somehow harder for me to figure out.

Hun-Gurr may be the best of these, with his clawed hands, & dragon head feet- he works well as a robot and in his beast mode. I also like his hand cannon with the bayonet. Hun-Gurr is a Predicon, and looks big and tough!

Another Predicon whose beast-mode is a two-headed dragon! His colors are on the garish side, but his hammer mounts to his back in a nice way in beast mode. The dragon heads/and neck serve as the arms & hands in robot mode, but he works better as the dragon.

Dual-Headed Dragon Duel!

Twinstrike and Hun-Gurrr make great foes for my Bandai Fred, and bring out his subtle Japanese sci-fi monster characteristics...

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bandai Big Hero 6 FRED

I finally saw Big Hero 6 last week, and while I don't really review films here on the Super-DuperToyBox, I'll say I really enjoyed it! I've not read the Marvel Comics title, limited to three issues in 1998, and another short series in 2008. Bandai released a lot of toys for the film franchise, which I took a little closer look at after seeing the movie, having diminished in presence this far out from the October 2014 release. Fred here interested me most, from the 4" action figure line...

There are seven characters in the 4" scale, including a Baymax robot which I liked, but passed on for now. Fred has serviceable articulation, with hinged elbows, hips, and knees, a swivel-peg tail, and hinge-swivel shoulders. Fred is actually a teenager in a monster suit that protects him, as well as enabling him to pogo at great heights and blow fire. I simply liked the fun character design in and of itself, and thought he'd mix well with other toys...

Fred has a great deal in common with my Four Horsemen/Mel Birnkrant Outer Space Men, and fits pretty well with his alien design and bright colors. Fun!

Fred also pairs nicely with my single Redakai Harrier figure with his sci-fi creature appeal...

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hot Toys 1:6 Scale Dark World Thor

What can I say? I'm continually impressed by Hot Toys' incredible realism and attention to detail in their figure's outfits. This Dark World Thor is my fourth, and a stunning example of how great these 1:6 scale figures are. The body armor, diecast Mjolnir hammer, and luxurious cloth cape reinforce the impressive minutiae of actor Chris Hemsworth's likeness in this amazing model. Check out my video for dozens of more pictures and a trip on the turntable with this truly epic action figure...

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BBTS DC Collectibles Haul 2014

I used to publish HEY! Mr. Postman! posts on here a little more often, but wasn't getting as many toy parcels in recent months-that is until the end of 2014, when I purchased several Hot Toys figures and Batman collectibles at a somewhat fevered pace. I'd been working on my new site, the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog since June, which has kept me very busy, in addition to my assorted musical & creative projects, and the day gig as well. This was a special parcel in that I'd never ordered a box of loot from the Big Bad Toy Store, accumulating pre-orders over the course of several months to ship when fulfilled in one large haul. I'd have to say that it was an overall fun experience, though it took longer for the pre-orders to come in than I was seeing at retail. The items were tidily packed, and arrived in good condition...

I'm still a fan of this scale of action figure, and DC Direct makes some of the most interesting. While I've yet to read the Court of Owls series, I did follow the Zero Year story line, featuring Capullo's artwork- pretty great. I also followed Earth 2 for some time, but eventually lost enthusiasm- like the the Future's End series, it drug on to long for me. I bought the Supergirl because I thought she'd go well with the Earth 2 Superman, and Red Robin because I thought he'd complete a nice trio with the Capullo Batman & Nightwing- cool outfit!

*Designer Series Greg Capullo Nightwing, Talon, & Batman

*New 52 Supergirl & Teen Titans Red Robin

*New 52 Earth 2 Series Superman, Hawkgirl, Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hot Wheels 2015 "C" Case Brave & the Bold Batmobile

Working on the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog a lot these days- roll on over an take a look at my post on a recent Batmobile find, the 2015 "C" Case Brave & the Bold blue variant. Subscribe to my Drivin' Movies Channel on YouTube and see all my diecast car videos ...!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Marvel: Star Wars #1, 2015

Conversing with the manager at my local comic shop, I mused how Star Wars is as big as it ever was- a pop culture phenomenon, in fact, that's grown far beyond what I first witnessed as a child in the '70s. While I more often go for comics of the superhero genre, I found myself picking of the first issue of this latest installment of the epic franchise, the faint warmth of nostalgia enveloping my mind. This book picks up where the first movie, Star Wars: A New Hope, left off, the Rebel Alliance enjoying a period of renewed hope after the Imperial Death Star has been destroyed. With the Empire in a state of disarray, Rebel forces have launched a daring offensive across the galaxy in hopes of defeating them once and for all. The main cast of Skywalker, Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, and the droids run into trouble intercepting an arms deal between Jabba the Hutt and the Empire, Darth Vader making an appearance in the first issue! While I'm not the biggest fan of artist John Cassaday's style, it's skillfully done, the portraits of the original movie actors apparent in his renderings, and their respective personalities present in Jason Aaron's writing.

February will bring two other books within the series, Star Wars: Darth Vader and Star Wars: Princess Leia, the former I'm looking forward to. The Super-DuperToyBox is more focused in the superhero genre, but Star Wars is integral to my love of action figures, the original Kenner line some of my first. It's also true that Darth Vader was the catalyst for this blog, my search for the original 15" deluxe Kenner action figure starting the whole thing back in 2010!  There were a few preview  pages of  Star Wars: Darth Vader in this first issue that got me excited about the forthcoming series, namely the two page spread of Darth Vader paying a visit to Jabba the Hutt by artist Salvador Larocca, pictured below. Greatness!

My Kenner 15" Darth Vader with the more recent Hasbro Black Series 3 3/4" Darth Vader my nephew gave me last year...

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hot Toys Man of Steel

Until you own a Hot Toys figure, it's hard to understand how beautiful they really are- if you truly want the highest caliber of quality and most advanced example of realism, these are the figures to get. Such is the case with the 2013 Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman. Check out the video set to Hans Zimmer's tribal soundtrack:

Superman came in a beautiful textured box with a magnetic panel to clasp shut on the side. In addition to the Kryptonian keys, this figure came with three extra sets of hands, and a huge flight stand that I absolutely love. I like pretty much any Superman movie, and thought Man of Steel's more sci-fi take on the story was fascinating! I'm a big Chris Reeve fan since the '70s, but enjoyed actor Henry Cavill in the starring role.

This is a truly great Superman figure- the sculpt and paint are immaculate, and the outfit stunning. The blue spandex and red boots are covered in a thin rubber pattern, giving it a slick appearance with more flexibility. I felt the wristbands and pinstriping in the suit were more of a dark silver in the movie, and the shield was higher on the chest, but he looks killer. I was unsure of the redesign of Superman's suit initially, both in the comics and for the 2013 film, but quickly got over that. They both pay tribute to the original with what probably was a much needed, modern update.

It's been said in more than one review on the figure that by a simple tilt of the head can change the entire demeanor of Henry Cavill's likeness, which I can affirm by my own witness...

Some collectors complained about the unwieldy size of the flight stand base, but it's hard to not like the oversized "S" shield, and the thing won't tip over. Hands down, my most epic figure base...

The pleated cape is AMAZING. Some serious reviews I watched before picking this up complained of the cape's bright color and texture, and while the screen accuracy could be argued against in more than one regard, it's hard to deny the figure's beauty.

Superman comes with both 1:1 and 1:6 scale Kryptonian keys, the former of which is so impractically tiny that I question it's relevance as an accessory. Mine were promptly returned to the box for storage...

 Comparison time! Hot Toys Man of Steel with my 12" Kenner Superman from '96 and DC Direct 13" Deluxe Superman...

BIG TOY/little toy: Hot Toys Man of Steel with my 6" Mattel Movie Masters Man of Steel and 31" Jakk's Pacific Man of Steel...

Below, the Man of Steel with my other two Hot Toys figures, Last Stand Wolverine and Amazing Spider-Man... I have to say these are are each one outstanding, and it would be hard to pick a favorite. The Hot Toys Man of Steel is tall in comparison to some other Hot Toys according to some more experienced collectors, particularly in the case of the Christopher Reeve Superman, who in real like was taller than Henry Cavill, but was a noticeably shorter figure.

The Man of Steel with my Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Batman, who can now be posed realistically using his Kryptonite ring hand ...!

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