Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Marvel Legends Misty Knight

I picked up this Marvel Legends Misty Knight on eBay awhile back at a reduced price, more in admiration for the toyetic nature of the action figure than any knowledge of the character, nor her affiliation with Heroes for Hire. Created by writer Tony Isabella and artist Arvell Jones, Mercedes Kelly Knight debuted in Marvel Premiere in March of 1975. After teaming with Iron Fist and Luke Cage in Heroes for Hire, Misty more recently teamed up with Valkyrie in Fearless Defenders, a title I've been catching up on now that I'm subscribed to Marvel Unlimited.  My limited character knowledge aside, this figure has a lot going for it with some of the unique sculpt and great color. though I was challenged getting her to stand unaided. Misty was part of the Rhino Wave of 2015, which included some cool figures like Scarlet Spider, Kraven, and Ghost Rider.

Aside from Misty being a little difficult to stand, my only other real complaint would be her upward gaze and slightly wandering left eye. It's fine on the shelf, but can make photography somewhat challenging. Her gun was completely warped upon removal from the package, but a hair dryer fixed that easily- I'm not sure why Hasbro makes some accessories from that rubbery plastic, but hope they stop. I'm not crazy about the buck they built this figure on either- while it's not a deal breaker, the hip joints give the figure a slightly bow-legged stance. Showing more of Misty's bionic arm would have been a nice touch, but the shoulder straps, unzipped bosom and belt/holster are nice, and her hair is great!

As a NYPD officer, Mercedes was injured in a bomb attack that resulted in amputation of her right arm. Tony Stark built her a bionic replacement, and rather than accepting a desk job, Mercedes became the hero Misty Knight! Pictured below, Misty Knight with Marvel Legends Black Panther Wave Invincible Iron Man, and Spider-Man Homecoming XLVII Iron Man Sentry...

While full of Misty has a lot going for her, Okoye and Nakia from the Black Panther Wave I reviewed are a class apart with their detailed sculpts and realistic facial decos. Still, I enjoy Misty for what she is, and love her afro and sassy style!

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Marvel Legends 12" SDCC Exclusive Daredevil

A few months ago, this Marvel Legends 12" 2017 SDCC Exclusive Daredevil was  sixty bucks + shipping, but found it recently for under $45.00 shipped, so I took the dive. The accessories, beautiful box and 8 x 10" art cards included made this a special buy and welcome addition to my collection- check out the video:

As I understand, this Daredevil was built on the 12" Spider-Man buck, which I do not have, but I think the lean build fits the character well. There were complaints about Spider-Man's hips and lack of waist swivel, but this works fine for me- he can do plenty. Daredevil's butterfly joints at the shoulders and abdominal hinge have great range, and the torso hinge helps. And with ankle rockers and swiveled boot tops, the figure stands very naturally. The black-washed, laced boots, subtly metallic gauntlets, and masked head sculpt really sold me! The figure is based on art by Joe Quesada, also gracing the box and accompanying cards- I love the braille in relief on the back. Recommended!  

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Marvel Legends Black Panther Wave

I'd preordered the Invincible Iron Man from this wave in December, convinced I could resist buying the entire Marvel Legends Black Panther Series, but the Nakia and Okoye BAF were just to beautiful to ignore. I didn't mind getting a classic Sub-Mariner, and the Black Panther and Erik Killmonger turned out to be a pleasant surprise- check out the video:

2017 was definitely a return to Marvel Legends for myself, and there are some gems in this wave- all the extra heads, hands and accessories really made it great! Black Bolt doesn't do much for me, but Inhumans enthusiasts can couple him with the Walgreens Exclusive Medusa now. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite, but the Nakia and Okoye BAF ended up on top for myself- all the details in sculpt are outstanding...

Pictured below, T'Challa with Okoye & Nakia...

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

3.75" Marvel Universe Sale!

I've begun listing my carded Marvel Universe collection for auction at the Super-DuperToyBox eBay store! If you live in the Continental U.S., now is your chance to make a bid on some very cool figures from my personal collection, many just sitting in storage for the last six or seven years. I've started with a dozen listings, including single figures, paired figures, and a few boxed sets, like the X-Force 3-pk pictured below. I loved this great line of 3.75" figures, but have been reducing the size of my collection for the last six months, clearing some space to better enjoy things I'm interested in now. Keep an eye on my Instagram as I post images of items for sale in the future!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Think Geek Build-On Brick Mug

I didn't get a lot of toys for Christmas as gifts, but I did get this fun ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug! My interests have moved away from brick toys and Lego in the last year, but as a serious coffee drinker, I've admired these in the past. Super fun!

As a bonus, a Lego Ninjago microbuild was packed in, which I enjoyed thoroughly!

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Marvel Legends Capt. Britain & Spider-UK

Captain Britain and Spider-UK are characters I'm completely unfamiliar with, my interest purely aesthetic and particularly as a pair. They were not the most popular Marvel Legends figures, Spider-UK the running change with the very popular new Spider-Man 2099 from the Sandman BAF series, and Captain Britain the running change with Wonder Man from the Abomination BAF series.

Spider-UK has a simple deco in some respects, but lots of line work that was executed with relative precision, regardless of my careless nick in the white line over the left pectoral. He's a lot beefier than we normally see on a typical Spider-Man buck, this medium build being a new body type for Hasbro. It is well articulated, and seems to avoid the abdominal hinge gap issues seen in the Bucky Cap. I like the anatomical proportions of this figure immensely, as well as the sculpted fabric folds in the outfit, and the articulation meets all expectations of modern action figure construction. 

Billy Braddock was a member of the Captain Britain Corps and fugitive from the now extinct Earth-833, who teamed up with the other web warriors to battle the Inheritors in Spider-Verse. My experience with that series is very limited as I mostly stopped buying the new monthly books at the end of 2014, a gap in my readership I'm currently trying to fill with my new subscription to Marvel Unlimited.

Captain Britain was created exclusively for the British comics market in 1976, but now fights among the main Marvel continuity wearing this, his latest uniform. The pectoral "shelf" of this buck, used previously on Sentry, is a little weird, but I do like this action figure. I literally have no reading experience with Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, but I'm sure that will change with the aforementioned Marvel Unlimited subscription. The painted buckles on his boots and shoulder insignia are nice details, and I like the forearm wraps.

 For comparison, below are Spider-UK with my All-New Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain Britain with my Marvel NOW! Captain America...

While there's nothing in the way of accessories, and both characters are C-grade heroes in the Marvel Universe, I like them a lot as a pair. I'm a little more excited about Captain Britain due to his more interesting deco with the painted buckles and all, but Spider-UK is sporting a new buck that I feel is closer to an anatomically realistic. You should be able to pick either one up loose at half the retail price on eBay...

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Marvel Legends Capt. Marvel & Ms. Marvel

Back to Marvel Legends, my renewed interest for which has inspired an ongoing hunt for some figures that caught my attention upon their release, but did not fit into budget, space, and time constraints at the time. Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers was released in 2015, and Ms. Marvel more recently in 2016. Serendipitously stumbling across some of the New Marvel Generations issues after avoiding the racks for an extended period, I picked up the Ms. Marvel book featuring these Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan, which I found quite satisfying story-wise. There has been a lot of feedback on Generations, some of it negative, but as what was basically my introduction to these two characters, I had no expectations. I'd recommend you give it a shot, just try not to pay five bucks for it- it may hold it's value due to it's more favorable reception, so good luck with that.

As seen in the pics above, Captain Marvel included a Carol Danvers head accessory which has a lot going for it, but the masked Mohawk head is far more interesting. I love this outfit of this character, very neatly applied in the figure's deco- some incised sculpt in the uniform, even if only cuts at the glove or boot tops, could have made it stronger . A flame accessory in translucent pink also came with Captain Marvel, which fits neatly over the figure's fist. She's quite poseable, the limited forward tilt hinge at the ankles my only real complaint, and I love her floating sash and contrasty color scheme. I knew I'd eventually cave in and pick this figure up, and since I wasn't interested in the All-Father BAF, picking her up on eBay at less than half the original retail price was a cinch.

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel shares a similar color scheme, in reverse, and sports a delightful little head sculpt- she's really a cutie, and I love the hero mask! From the 2016 Sandman BAF wave, she came with alternate hand sculpts that complement her Inhuman ability to grow in size and stretch her proportions. The paint deco is nearly flawless on this sample, including gold monogrammed scarf that can be rotated on the neck to suit her pose. Kamala is a figure of a character more relevant than ever, daughter of Indian immigrant descent, and it is my hope this new character of diversity survives. Hat's off to Marvel Comics and Hasbro for gettin' behind this girl.

Pictured below, Ms. Marvel with Kid Nova, another "juvenile" buck in the Marvel Legends stable, and Captain Marvel with Ashley Barton Spider-Woman from a couple posts back- a somewhat underappreciated Marvel Legends female I love...

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Imaginext DC Super Friends Series 2 Kingdom Come Superman

I'd swore off Imaginext figures because it's too easy to collect too many of them, but caved in on this Kingdom Come version of Superman, a favorite version of the caped, Kryptonian. Kingdom Come (1996) is one of my all-time favorite DC Comics stories, making a very big impact on me, returning to reading comics and collecting action figures seven years ago. For awhile now, Imaginext have been delivering some really fun action figures among their line of blind bag offerings, and have dug deep into the DC mythos with some fan favorites like Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, and Red Tornado.
Series Two continues this trend with characters like Emperor Aquaman form the Flashpoint storyline, and Sinestro in his traditional black and blue outfit. Wonderful!

Kingdom Come Superman comes with kryptonite chains accessory, which is appropriate, but does not seem to fit onto him all that well. Perhaps I don't have the arms properly situated...

Below, Imaginext Kingdom Come Superman with New 52 Superman, who shares the same body sculpt. See my 2011 post on the DC Direct JSA Series Kingdom Come Superman for a more conventional look at this incarnation of Superman!

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