Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man

I picked up this Big Time Spidey at the end of last December, but still haven't read any of this storyline, in which Peter loses his spider-sense and must use an armored suit to better protect himself. Regardless, this figure's appeal to me is his all black suit. I've bought this Spider-Man buck first introduced on the Pizza Spidey at least five times now, and in spite of  some legitimate complaints regarding the hips and abdominal articulation, I do like it overall. That said, I'm certainly looking forward to the new Vintage Spider-Man Wave Spidey, which appears to have the articulation we've been asking for.

The green paint apps are mostly clean, and this is a better looking Big Time Spidey than the 2012 Arnim Zola Wave version. We get three pairs of hands this time, and a web line. Sure this is just a repaint, but it's a definite improvement. Yes, a deeper ab crunch and hips would have been nice, but this figure can do a lot. I somewhat regret not picking up the black costume Spider-Man when I had the chance, but Big Time Spidey kinda makes up for that to me.

Below, Big Time Spidey leapfrogs my Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Hulk,
and battles my Legends 2018 SP//DR Wave classic Doc Ock...

And finally, Big Time Spidey with Superior Octopus, Spider-Gwen, and Ben Reilly Spider-Man...

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020

Initially excited about the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020, I cooled on the idea while waiting several months to finally find a single boxed specimen in the wild at the end of June. I'm not fond of the Walgreens exclusive game, though I've had mostly good luck with some effort. I'd read some Iron Man 2020 from 1994 on Marvel Unlimited in preparation, but have yet to read the 4-part Machine Man series from 1984, where the character debuts at the end of the second issue. As you can see, Hasbro captured artist Herb Trimpe's premiere of  Tony Stark's first cousin once removed from the future of  multiverse world Earth-8410, Arno Stark. Iron Man 2020 uses his armor as a mercenary for hire instead and to undo Stark Industries' competitors. Not really a hero at all.

The blast-off accessories raising the figure 3 inches higher are the feature of what is included, locking together at the base pieces. Hasbro is starting to take cues from more premium action figure lines and including more accessories like this, which we will also see with the forthcoming classic War Machine. We also get repulsor blasts for the hands and extra fists. Pretty damn good for twenty bucks.

Iron Man 2020 is pretty much a repaint of the recent 80th Anniversary Iron Man, which was the classic Iron Man we had been waiting for. Hasbro did a decent job with the parts upgrade, including the new head sculpt, which seemed to bother a lot of collectors. I loved it however, feeling it it captured the antihero's look perfectly, and was a big draw for me personally. 

Below, Iron Man 2020 flanked by Marvel Legends Black Panther wave Invincible Iron Man and Iron Man 3 wave Heroic Age Iron Man... 

This character has been a curiosity for me. Hasbro produced a 3.75" Marvel Universe version, Playskool a yet smaller Superhero Squad figure, and Diamond a MiniMates version, so it's fun seeing a new Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020. I'm a sucker for Iron Man figures in general, and though there is a lot of use from the admittedly loved 80th Anniversary classic Iron Man, there was enough here to make me feel like I was getting a new figure.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark VII

I found this Marvel Studios First Ten Years edition Iron Man Mark VII on eBay around the same time as the Iron Man MarkL/Iron Spider 2pk in my last post, in November of 2019. I really liked the articulated wing flaps on his back, and the vivid red of his armor. There was also a bit of nostalgia at play, Iron Man being the first Marvel Studios film, later leading to all those great Avengers movies, and the breadth of the MCU as a whole. I've often said we'd have gone crazy for these movies as a kid, like we did for the original Star Wars trilogy.

I sold several of my carded 6" Iron Man figures off a few years ago in attempt to downsize my collection, though I've bought as many since. The articulated wing flaps made this one special, though the head/neck and abdominal range is somewhat limited on this Mark VII. He came with extra repulsor hands and blast effects, unlike the Iron Man 3 figures, so he feels deluxe and more can be done with him. I have some 6" Iron Man figures acquired recently that I really love, but this Mark VII makes a great addition.

Below Iron Man Mark VII battles my Infinity War Thanos BAF...

And finally, my current MCU Iron Man collection: Iron Man Mark L
Iron Man Mark VII, Iron Man Mark LXXXV, and Iron Man Mark XLII...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Iron Man Mark 50/Iron Spider 2pk

I picked up this Marvel Legends Infinity War Iron Man Mark 50/Iron Spider 2pk off Amazon in November of 2019 for a somewhat inflated price, a Toys 'R Us exclusive I never got to see due to the retail chain going into bankruptcy and shutting down in April of 2018. Nevertheless, I couldn't pass on it, as Hasbro's initial releases of both these figures were bereft of the important accessories this 2pk, perhaps most importantly Iron Spider's waldoes/mechanical arms. I had temporarily appeased myself with a Chinese bootleg Iron Spider, which was nice, but lacked the articulation of the Marvel Legends version.

In addition to the array of weapons included with this newer Mark L Iron Man, he received a more metallic paint app upgrade. The floating energy shields that peg onto the back are the star of this figure's accessories, but the nano-enhanced repulsor cannons also help the figure function more like the highly advanced Mark L armor in Avengers: Infinity War.

Below, Mark L Iron Man with the Mark LXXXV Iron Man from 
Avengers: Endgame, probably my favorite MCU Marvel Legends Iron Man...

I'm unsure why the first release of this Iron Spider didn't include the waldoes, but this is the version we wanted. There was a fair amount of criticism regarding Hasbro's initial Marvel Legends Infinity War wave, including a somewhat goofy looking Thanos without his iconic battle armor, another mistake that was also later rectified. Also included with Iron Spider was a Peter Parker head that captures actor Tom Holland pretty well.

Below, the 2pk Infinity War Iron Spider with the initial 2018 Infinity War Wave Iron Spider without waldoes. Note the new forearms and slightly more vivid red coloring. I love the design of this outfit, but regret the waste of plastic by making us buy it twice to get what we wanted in the first place. We were trying to build that somewhat underwhelming Thanos BAF you also had to do over. Complaints aside, I do love this 2pk, and was glad to pay a little extra for an enthusiastically sought after pair of figures.

Below, Iron Man Mark 50 Iron Man and Iron Spider with Spider-Man 
and Iron Man Sentry from the 2017 Homecoming 2pk...

Of course I had to include a shot with my new Marvel Legends Stan Lee!

Below: After a brief misunderstanding, Star-Lord and Drax team up 
with Dr. Strange, Iron Spider and Iron Man to defeat Thanos ...!

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Marvel Legends Stan Lee (2020)

I preordered this Marvel Legends Stan Lee from Target in February, the perfect addition to any Marvel Legends collection. Hasbro originally planned him as a BAF that could be assembled by purchasing some of the 2-packs offered a couple years ago, but decided to release him alone in his own deluxe box, a tribute more fitting of a man of Stan Lee stature. Excelsior!

Stan was packed with a portable chess board that I wish opened, a prop from his cameo in The Avengers (2012), but made up for it with a signed Capt. America shield that looks fantastic! I've heard some comments regarding his loafers, that tennis shoes would have been better, but I don't mind them. The Members Only jacket and trademark glasses are great, unique pieces, and the portrait with slicked back hair is spot on. I really looks like Stan!

Though a more realistic rendering inspired by the MCU cameos he starred in, Stan Lee can be paired or grouped with any of your Marvel Legends collection, movie or comic based. His singular look just works with anyone. Hands from other Marvel Legends like Spider-Man or Iron Man can be pegged onto Stan's arms, taking on the powers of Marvel heroes Stan co-created or wrote adventures for during his decades long career. Below, Stan Lee battles Doctor Doom and Thanos and leads a few of his Mighty Avengers- Capt. America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man...

The profundity of Stan lee's influence on me had become more apparent to me in the last ten years of writing this blog, captured by my love for comics again as an adult by some of the lore I Marveled in as a child, so many years ago. I absolutely love having Stan in action figure form, a figure that will appear more in future posts of Marvel Legends figures on the blog. Sure, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, and John Romita, among countless others, had as much and more to do with the creativity born out of the bullpen, but there was no greater "character" from Marvel than Stan Lee, the World's Ambassador of Comics forever immortalized by this spectacular offering from Hasbro.

R.I.P. Stan Lee 1922-2018

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