Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day of Judgement: Hal Jordan Becomes the Spectre!

I stumbled  onto all five issues of the DC Day of Judgement series from '99 the other weekend while rifling through the dollar comics bins with my nephew, in which Hal Jordan take the mantle of the Spectre, spirit of Vengeance. Upon reading author Geoff John's run a few years ago, I became a big fan of the Green Lantern mythos. In Day of Judgement, Jordan becomes host for the Spectre in attempt to atone for his earlier transgressions as Parallax, when he threatened the order of the Universe by slaughtering the Green Lantern Corps. Etrigan the Demon has bonded the Spectre to the fallen angel Asmodel in an attempt to usurp rival demon Neron, and unleash chaos upon the Earth. The series features a great cast of supernatural heroes, including Phantom Stranger, Blue Devil, Deadman, Captain Marvel, Ragman, Dr. Occult, Madame Xanadu, and Dr. Fate! In 2001, DC Direct released a glow-in-the-dark Hal Jordan/Spectre figure (right)- further proof that we truly live in the Golden-Age of action figures.

Below: Hal Jordan becomes Spectre, and unleashes the spirit of vengeance upon Neron ...!

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bandai 12" Power Rangers- Dino Charge!

I'd been mulling over picking up these 12" Dino Charge Power Rangers for a week, after seeing them marked down 30% at a local Walmart. I've said before that some of my favorite toys are big, dumb action figures, and this colorful trio certainly falls into that category. I have several of the Marvel Titan Series action figures that are of similar construction that I treasure, so these fit in nicely with some of my favorite things. I love the Japanese sci-fi styling of these! Check out the video:

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hey, Mr. Postman: Bandai Ultraman 5.5in. Vinyls

I loved these Bandai Ultraman vinyls found online, remembering watching reruns of the Japanese sci-fi show as a kid in the '70s! These figures are made of soft vinyl, and simple in their articulation, limited to swivels in the waist and shoulders. What they lack in articulation, they more than make up for in charm. I've been collecting some vinyl figures lately, mostly Funko, but found these irresistable. The eBay seller was selling all kinds of Ultraman vinyls for pretty cheap with free shipping- I gravitated toward these two because of their familiarity. Check out my video....

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tim Mee Toy Soldiers

I've been on the lookout for some fun green Army Men to use in my toy photography, and have seen some pretty impressive deluxe sets out and about as well as online, but wasn't seeing exactly what I was looking for. Bubba over at Toyriffic reminded me just exactly what that was recently- the toy soldiers of our youth, produced by Tim Mee. Revived by J.Lloyd International c.2011, these plastic army men are the same Vietnam era sculpts I remembered from childhood, updated in two shades of punchy green- just what I was looking for! Plastic Army Men are great for their versatility in play, fun to combine use with many other toys in my collection. Check out the video:

J.Lloyd has many other fun color combinations available and other plastic mini-figures from the legendary Galaxy Laser Team to Cowboys and Indians. Be sure to check out my May post on Plastic Policemen set by Funtastic, and visit the Army Men Homepage online!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Transformers Prime Dark Energon Bumblebee & Wheeljack

I discovered these Dark Energon Autobots after watching the Transformers Prime show on Netflix, which I absolutely loved! I'm already a fan of translucent plastic on toys in general, and inspired by the show, I found these BBTS exclusives for a decent price online. Two of my favorite characters from the show! Check out the video:

Autobots Wheeljack and Bumblebee in car mode... 

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Transformers Generations Crosscut & Nightbeat

Back to my newest obsession- Transformers! These two Generations Autobots have a lot going for them, including car modes I'm into! Crosscut has the snazziest car and better weaponry, but Nightbeat has a better articulated robot mode and flashier G1 colors. Check out the video to see a lot more:

Because I love Transformers with doors that wing at the shoulders in robot mode, I may be more partial to Nightbeat. Crosscut has limited articulation in the ankles that make posing somewhat of a challenge, but his flip-out forearm cannons are trick, and as I said before, his car mode is wonderful. These aren't necessarily star players among my burgeoning collection, but they are fun. Again, check out my video, complete with music and G1 sound effects- subscribe to my YouTube channel and show your support!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Imaginext Series 4 Clown

Every time I think I'm over these Imaginext minifigures, Fisher-Price dumps another batch of really fun characters. I wish I could say I hate that, but these are wonderful little toys! Several new DC Comics characters have come out recently, as well as the Series 4 blind bags, the embossed coded on which I've used to get the one's I want. As with the previous waves, Series 4 has all killer, and no filler, but I opted to get only the clown for now in order to keep things to a dull roar over here. Every single one of these we've seen is pretty great- I absolutely love the variety of monster, sports themed, sci-fi, and more that Fisher-Price has been producing. I may very well have to go back for a few more of these eventually...

The clown is definitely the "Bozo" type, his red hair and vest one removeable piece. I like the button suspenders and shirt detail underneath, but its the clear balloon animal accessory that really brings it all together... so great...

Imaginext Series 4 Clown with Series 3 Cossack, Series 2 Sasquatch, and Series 1 Luchador...

I have many Imaginext figures I love, but there is definitely something special about the Clown and Luchador- maybe the bright colors. It would be hard to pick a favorite among them all. See my post on the Ninja 2-pk from last summer!

And just for fun, the other clown in my Imaginext collection, The Joker and his mallet car...!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Transformers Generations Brainstorm

As Transformers are still a new thing to me, I've virtually no experience in the past toy lines before, but a long-time collector I know is selling off some of his older bots to make new for these newer Generations and Combiner Wars bots. That tells me I've not wrong to be taken with them. Brainstorm is exceptional for his nice size, articulation, and opening canopy that hold his transforming head, which can be unfolded into a tiny figure. The pilot's seat flips down to reveal Brainstorm's power stats, high in the intelligence quotient! The Headmasters as they're called, are a type of Transformer comprised of two beings- one lesser, often humanoid "head", and one larger sentient being as the body. The continuity surrounding these beings has changed over time, but in the G1 cartoon continuity Brainstorm partners with a humanoid as strategy against the Decepticons. Check out the video:

Transformers Generations Brainstorm and Silverbolt in jet mode...

 Transformers Generations Brainstorm and Silverbolt in robot mode... what a pair!

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