Friday, February 24, 2017

Lego City Service Truck

I'd been doing some smaller Lego builds recently, like the Marvel Mighty Micro Iron Man Vs. Thanos and the TIE Fighter micro build, but had an itch to build something a little bigger. Yes, I built the Capt. Phasma and Imperial Death Trooper a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to build a vehicle! I love the whimsical aspect of the included port-a-potty in this set, and the prospect of adding a construction vehicle to my collection of worker minifigs. Check out the video:

Also in the featured in the video above are a couple worker minifigs I got back in November of 2015, a Lego Demolition Driller polybag found around the same time, and a  Lego Dimensions Emmet & Destruct-o-Mech fun pack I picked up recently on clearance. A pretty respectable crew is in place- celebrity, sidekick robot, and supervisor included!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Mega Construx Power Rangers Series 1

Nearly bought those Imaginext Power Rangers a couple times this past year, but these Mega Construx minifigs have superior articulation, neatly tamped head deco, and are far more compact. They also benefit greatly from a small brick base, like other Mega Bloks minifigs. I realize some may not like the lack of  knee and elbow articulation in the Mega Bloks minifigs, but they are the some buck as the Hot Wheels Mega Bloks figures, which were among my first and still my favorites. The information I found online regarding codes had either changed, or was just inaccurate, so I just tried to find different combinations. I still ended up with two Pink Rangers, and missed out on the White Ranger, so good luck with all that. There are several minifigure lines I've enjoyed in the past few years, but these recently rebranded Mega Blox are unique and really fun!

Mega Construx Red Ranger:

Mega Construx Red Ranger with the 12" Dino Charge Red Ranger...

Mega Construx Pink Rangers:

Mega Construx Pink Ranger with the 5" Dino Supercharge Pink Ranger...

Mega Construx Green Ranger:

Mega Construx Green Ranger with the 6" Legacy Collection Green Ranger...

Mega Construx Lord Zed:

Mighty Mini Cyborg, Lego Katana, and Mega Construx Lord Zed...

Mega Construx Putty Foot Soldier:

I really enjoyed these, my only regret not finding the White Ranger. I like the simlicity of these, and don't miss the extra articulation. There are Zord sets with the Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers that include some other villains, but I'll likely stop here as I'm a very casual Power Rangers fan. That said, if a second line of blind bags came out, I'd be game!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Justice League Action Series 1, Batman Unlimited Series 3 Mighty Minis

Just as I'd come to accumulate some of the leftover Mighty Minis blind bags from the Batman v Superman and Batman Power Attack lines,  Mattel dropped these Justice League Action minifigs. I've yet to see any of the episodes, but these characters are among some of my favorite in the DC Universe.

Okay, comparison time:

Mighty Minis Blue Beetle with my Batman Brave and the Bold Series Happy Meal Blue Beetle...

Below, Mighty Minis Firestorm with my DC Action League Firestorm and Batman Brave and the Bold series Firestorm...

Below, Justice League Action Series 1 Flash with Batman Unlimited Series 1 Flash and with Imaginext Flash...

Below, Justice League Action Series 1 and Batman v Superman Series 1 Superman...

The Batman in this Justice League Action series reminded me of the Beware the Batman action figure in my collection- I really enjoyed what little I saw of that last animated Batman show...

Justice League Action Series 1 Robin with  Batman Unlimited Series 1 Robin, and below that, with Batman Unlimited Series 1 Batman Beyond. Like the Batman Beyond, Robin has a semi-translucent buck- they make a great pair!

While on the subject, I found a couple more Batman Unlimited Series 3 Mighty Minis recently, the Red Robin and Batman...

Batman Power Attack series 3 Batman now joins the ranks of Mighty Minis Batman gang, with Batman v Superman Series 1 Armored Batman, Justice League Action Series 1 Batman, Batman v Superman Series 2 Batman, Batman Unlimited Series 1 Batman, and Batman v Superman Series 2 silver Batman...

And finally, Batman Unlimited Series 3 Red Robin with Justice League Action Series 1 Robin and Batman Unlimited Series 1 Robin. As you can see, the Unlimited Robin shares most his parts with Red Robin...

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Transformers Robots in Disguise Stormshot

2015 was my Transformers year- I wrote several posts with videos, and collected a few I've yet to show you. I liked this little jet from the recent Combiner Force series too much to pass on him however, in his red, white, and blue, and perfect little G1 face. The Robots in Disguise series are simple, but I have a couple other Warrior Class bots I love. Backtrack and see my post on Bumblebee and Autobot Drift! Check out the video:

Another reason I picked up Stormshot was that I thought he'd fit in well with some of my other Transformers, namely the Generations Leader Class Jetfire. Though Stormshot is somewhat lowly next to the superior Jetfire, their complementary color schemes, silver faces, and winged backs make them a fun pair!

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lego Star Wars Capt. Phasma & Imperial Death Trooper Buildable Figures

I picked up the 10" Lego Captain Phasma at least a year ago on sale for twenty bucks, my good fortune repeating this past weekend with the newer Imperial Death Trooper. Because of the helmets, these two are a couple of the more successful of these 10" Lego Star Wars buildable figures, taking on a robotic appearance instead of suffering from some of the hollowness of the limbs. Capt. Phasma and the Imperial Death Trooper make a badass pair in my video below- check it out:

Super crazy about these- highly recommended! At regular price they are a bit on the expensive side, but a better value if you can get them on sale. They were an easy build, the missiles pack a punch, and the articulation is amazing. They also look tough!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

BootLego Star Wars Leia. Astromech Droid, C-3PO, X-Mas Yoda

I really enjoy the variety of unusual BootLego minifigs available on eBay lately, all kinds of variant colors and deco making my own Star Wars universe uniquely fun. I have some mainstream characters in classic presentation, but like any other kid, the eclectic assortment of toys in my collection reflect my own interests and finds.

It was hard to believe Carrie Fisher passed away last December, so I definitely wanted to pay tribute with a classic Princess Leia minifig. The actress was made an icon of film upon her 1977 debut in George Lucas' Star Wars, reprising her starring role for a fourth time in 2015 with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Below, Princess Leia with my Lego Ben Kenobi and BootLego Darth Vader...

I felt the black Astromech droid needed an equally unique partner, found in the red C-3PO droid pictured with below. I could have as easily ordered a conventional R2-D2, but loved the Astromech's clear dome- what a great pair!

Below, BootLego C-3PO & Astromech droid with my Force Awakens Lego C-3PO...

And finally, even though we're past the season, Christmas Yoda. There were several other characters, Star Wars and otherwise, dressed in holiday deco! How fun! This little Yoda was my favorite- there was something funny about his elven stature dressed in a Santa suit...

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Friday, January 27, 2017

BootLego Atom (DC Comics)

 I felt like this BootLego Atom deserved his own post- I loved the colors, deco, and helmet on this imported minifig. I have a few Atom figures I love, and though the character is third tier character among the DC pantheon, I was always a little more into him than Marvel's Ant-Man. Maybe the whole Atomic Age theme the character evokes appeals to my interest. At any rate, I found this one to be unique and fun!

Ray Palmer, a physics professor who created a belt to shrink himself down to sub-atomic size while maintaining his mass, was the Silver-Age Atom. According to, Palmer's first appearance was in Showcase #34 (1961).

Below, BootLego Atom with my BootLego Flash- what a pair of DC Comic's finest ...!
See my January 2013 post featuring the DC Action League Atom and Flash!

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