Sunday, December 6, 2015

DC Collectibles Justice League Cyborg

Time finally caught up with me and I found a smokin' deal on the DC Collectibles Justice League Cyborg, which is about as handsome an action figure that any boy could ask for. His articulation is more limited than recent DC Collectibles in this 7" scale, but he's so beautiful it doesn't matter. Check out the video:

Cyborg has an interchangeable left arm- a clawed blaster extension that amplifies his robotic aesthetic. In typical DC Collectibles fashion, the elbow was cranky, requiring a hairdryer to loosen, and the end plug now has difficulty fastening into the regular fisted arm. Still, I prefer the clawed arm, and the secondary market price I got was pretty good as these were $25.00 when released into retail last year. Pictured below are DC Collectibles Cyborg with the DC Universe Cyborg- quite an evolution! Also in the video above are comparison shots of Cyborg with other DC Collectibles figures:
*DC Direct New Krypton Series Brainiac
*DC Collectibles Darkseid
*DC Collectibles Justice League Series Martian Manhunter
*DC Collectibles Justice League 2-Pack Katana


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