Wednesday, March 16, 2022

McFarlane DC Multiverse Gen. Zod, Superboy Prime, Lex Luthor, God of Apokolips

 I received my preorder of Superboy Prime, Lex Luthor, and "God of Apokolips" Darkseid/Lex variant from McFarlane Toys a couple weeks ago, bumping into the new General Zod just last weekend. I thought all these might make a nice group. I'm barely interested in the Darkseid/Lex variant, but paired with Lex in his green power suit and the throne included make things way for inviting. I haven't read The Darkseid War story arc, purchasing both these figures solely on their merits as action figures.

My last post did in fact include both General Zod and Lex Luthor in 14" Mego form. While I love the more retro Mego costumes, the modern styling McFarlane chose for these characters works better with their DC Multiverse line, and current comic book styling..

I had a DC Direst Superboy Prime in this scale for years, but never a General Zod. I felt they would pair well when I saw Zod in a local Walmart this last weekend. Their sci-fi armored gauntlets, boots, and chest harness/shoulder pauldrons complement one another. General Zod is based on his current appearance in DC Comics as best I can tell- I really liked the outfit!

There is another McFarlane DC Multiverse Kryptonian in my collection, the ElseWorlds-inspired Red Son Superman. I love the muted colors on that figure, he looks fantastic!

Etrigan the Demon might be a McFarlane figure that could pair well with Zod for battle. The sword that came with my McFarlane Toys Bloodshot makes a great accessory for Zod- like it was made for him!

While there are aspects of McFarlane figures I sometimes don't like- the ball-swivel joints in the wrists and ankles can be cumbersome when posing, and larger figures can have balance issues. I like the aesthic of these figures individually and together, particularly Superboy Prime and Zod. There is a plainness to the Darkseid Lex's paint scheme, but the chair adds a lot. While flight hands were appropriate, I wish Superboy Prime included additional hands like Lex and Zod included. Not sure if I care about the collector cards these came with, but I appreciate Mcfarlane including a base with each figure. Complaints aside, I enjoyed these figures together, and though I haven't kept up with DC Comics' current stories, these are just fun character designs and "toyetic" action figures. 

More Later- Make It FUN!

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