Sunday, October 2, 2022

McFarlane DC Multiverse Atrocitus/Blackest Night Wave

 This Atrocitus/Blackest Night Wave of McFarlane action figures I picked up are perfect for the Halloween season upon us! Kyles Rayner is the only human of the bunch, which are all zombies and monsters. I'm unsure how to feel about this shade of green, but I have a feeling we will see at least one more version of this character. Regardless, I like this figure overall. More constructs could have been nice, but we got his unique lantern accessory, so I'm happy.

Below, McFarlane Kyle Rayner with DC Direct JLA Kyle Rayner (2003)...

Below, Kyle Rayner with John Stewart and Parallax from my last post- I've missed the large chunk of DC Direct Lanterns I sold off awhile back, so it's fun picking up some McFarlane Green Lanterns...

I regret never having picked up the Black Lantern Batman DC Direct produced for their Blackest Night series, of which I had many, but this McFarlane version makes up for it. The textures in the sculpt and color were better in person than I expected...

The McFarlane Flashpoint/Thomas Wayne Batman is a favorite among my DC Multiverse figures, but this Black Lantern Batman rivals it for my money. The Earth 44/Murder Machine Batman is another "horror" Batman in my DC Multiverse collection that's an interesting reimagining of the character.

I'm mostly sure this is the only Deathstorm I've ever owned in this scale, though I did have a DC Action League Deathstorm minifig! The included lantern accessory was appreciated.

DC Direct released a couple different Black Lantern Supermen in their Blackest Night line- I had the Series 7 Blackest Night Superman, but this one is more like the Series 1 Earth-2 Black Lantern Superman.

These Black Lanterns make a creepy pair, and makes me wonder will McFarlane produce as deep a bench of Black Lanterns as DC Direct did in 2009-2010. It's true I was more motivated by the Atrocitus BAF and Black Lantern Batman, but these are pretty cool.

Collecting all four figures in this wave gets one the parts for the large Atrocitis figure. I had a DC Direct Atrocitus that I miss, but this larger version is probably scaled better- big oversight not including a lantern accessory.

Since I now had Atrocitus, I had to buy Batrocitus, a perfectly fitting mashup! Ironically, Batrocitus does have a red lantern accessory and extra fists. I may like him a little better than the Atrocious BAF partially for this reason. but they make a great pair!

My McFarlane Hellbat also pairs well with Batrocitus. There are a few other Batman variants McFarlane has produced that I'd like to have, but I'm pretty happy with the one's I've picked up. I enjoyed this wave of McFarlane figures, but go ahead and pick up Batrocitus to supplement if you are getting this wave.

More Later- Make It FUN!

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