Friday, November 11, 2022

Marvel Legends Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man

I must have over twenty different Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures now, right?? This 60th Anniversary Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man piqued my interest upon its solicitation months ago though, so I knew this day would be inevitable. I ordered him off Target with another figure for $17.68 each, and free shipping. This figure retails for $26.49 here in the Midwest, and the Thor I picked up $22.99. With prices like that, I will take advantage when I can, and Black Friday Sales are worth looking at.

Spidey is a nice-looking figure with a youthful buck that is a little smaller than the medium sized male figures in the Marvel Legends line. I'm sure we are all tired of the enclosed packaging, but this is the way it is going, and despite complaints about the box art, I like the design overall. Hasbro did load up on three extra pairs of hands, two sets of web wings, and a web rope. Another head with the Ditko pupiled eyes would have been a nice edition, but it's a really nice figure with fantastic articulation. The web wings can be tricky to keep pegged onto the arms while posing, but they do have a cool effect once mastered- the I prefer the relaxed/hanging pair, but the flight pair are nice to have.

I am having a blast shooting with the NECA Street Scene Diorama I just got- 
perfect for a character like Spider-Man ...

There has been a great deal of comparison between this Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man and the Renew Your Vows Spider-Man that came with Spinneret- they are the newest and best Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures out right now, probably the best in the Marvel Legends line's history. They are just different flavors to me, and think they are both fantastic!

I have a couple other Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures with web wings, the Spider-Man: Homecoming Spidey, and the ToyBiz 1st Appearance Spider-Man. The web wings on this Amazing Fantasy figure work better than the Homecoming figure, and that old ToyBiz figure has never lost his fabric wings. While our newer Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures have great articulation and more realistic sculpts, I do love the charm of that old ToyBiz figure... 

I'm of course going to get my new Marvel Legends Rhino out with the new Spider-Man figure! Rhino was an early Spider-Man villain, first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #41 in 1966. John Romita had just taken over drawing Spider-Man, only a couple issues before when Steve Ditko left.

Ditko did invent the character Vulture, however, appearing in issue #2, 1963. The wings on that figure can be tricky when posing as well, but what a classic Vulture- I loved that Spider-Man/Demogoblin BAF Wave he came in!

This is a fantastic Spider-Man figure that would give a lot of imports a run for their money, even with Hasbro's recently steep price increases. I've said before that Hasbro has to be noticing the prices imports are going for, and they want some of that action. I do feel like we are getting the best Marvel Legends figures ever, and at a fraction of the imports price. Recommended! 

More Later- Make It FUN!

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