Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Moment in the Toy Box...

While photographing some old MOTU toys a couple days ago, I threw this crazy combo together on a whim  :D   Playing with my toys! What could be going on here? I wonder what they'd say if they could speak...  Tell me what's going on here- leave me a comment  :)

Clockwise from the top: Legends Scarlet Spider atop X-Men Beast by Toybiz, DC Direct History of the DC Universe Brainiac, Fisher-Pice Imaginext penguin, Fisher-Price DC Superfriends Imaginext "Croc", Hasbro JLA Martian Manhunter (thanx JBoy!) astride the mighty BattleCat!

In other news, my page views suddenly shot up dramatically a few days ago, increasing from an average of 200 views up to over 600 views per day. Very strange... any of you other Blogger-using friends notice a hiccup? BubbaShelby is getting crazyBIG numbers over at Toyriffic and said it's possible that Google updated their algorithm and toy searches are finding our content now ???  

Well, at any rate- Welcome to this Happy Place My Friends, whoever you are...  :)


  1. Nice pic!

    I think everyone's pondering the impact of pant-less super individuals in a pro-pants society could have and if they should demand some for their own before people think about them as another global minority.

    Nevermind the penguin laying an egg-bomb while they're too busy yakking about their innapropiate, half-composed wardrobe.

  2. Great group shot Super-D and am glad you are enjoying the Martian Manhunter i sent. : )

  3. Your pics are always cool, but I think they are saying, "Can't people just all get along like we do." Toys are the universal language. I definitely think Google has changed their algorithms.

  4. Yeah mine's shot up quite a bit too so taht's quite cool because I hadn't actually noticed! ;P