Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 3/4" Ultimate Spider-Man Figures

Hasbro's latest wave of toys tied in with the recent animated TV show, Ultimate Spider-Man, these 3 3/4" figures are on the low end price-wise. At $5.99 some articulation and paint have been sacrificed to hit a price point that's low enough to get you to take the bait.  The show's target demographic of younger boys won't miss the articulation on these colorful action figures that include two accessories made clearly visible in the splashy-looking blister packs. The colorful figures caught my eyes immediately, and were cheap enough to buy both.

I was mostly certain what I was getting as far as articulation, limited to "5-point gang", which is fine, but it was their vivid color that interested me. This is a testament to the success of Spidey's red & blue color scheme, which never gets old somehow.

Hasbro included one web accessory each, Night Mission Spider-Man a whipping webline, and Crime-Fightin' Spider-Man a web-pack that slings over his shoulder. These are accessories from previous Marvel Universe figures. A plastic spider was included with each as well, likely a pre-existing mold from some other toy line, thrown in to sweeten the deal. They were a cheap thrill, but fun to photograph. I've seen some Marvel Universe that are stripped down in articulation, and this may very well be the same mold from that "discount" line of action figures. I also spotted a new, cheaper line of Iron Man 3 figures like this, which makes me think a more articulated wave of 3 3/4" figures won't be released like with the first two movies. That's kind of a shame as those lines were pretty great, but I can almost guarantee that's the way things will shake out after seeing all the other merchandise Hasbro is releasing for Iron Man 3, including a 3 3/4" line with an interchangeable armor parts feature.

Night Mission Spider-Man got my attention first, with his body made of translucent blue plastic detailed in red piping throughout the limbs and torso. He has the same body mold as the more conventional Spider-Man, the paint apps merely painted over the sculpt to give him an alternative look. His webline is molded in a smoky translucent plastic. He's sort of a cheap adaptation of an existing mold, but the red piping was thoughtfully positioned outside the "webbed" portions of his sculpt. I like him...

Crime-Fightin' Spider-Man received the character's more classic costume treatment. Again, these are simple toys, but I can't help but think about the Mego Pocket Heroes line I loved from childhood, also very simple but colorful & fun. In reality, the sculpt on this Spider-Man is infinitely superior, more realistic in body proportion and truer to Spidey's classic design. While there's not much in the way of paint apps, but the sculpt is very nice, with incised webbing throughout the figure, and spider insignia neatly cut into his back.

Crime Fightin' Spider-Man with my Marvel Universe "House of M" Spider-Man, who came with the same web pack. The Ultimate Spider-Man's pack didn't get any paint apps, but you can still see his sneaker's, camera, and shirt sleeve hanging out of it...

Crime-Fightin' Spider-Man and Night Mission Spider-Man with Marvel Universe Scarlet Spider and Capture Trap Spider-Man from the Amazing Spider-Man line, both of which sported much more articulation and paint detail...

All my 3 3/4" Spider-Men together: Amazing Spider-Man Grappling Hook Spider-Man, Marvel Universe Scarlet Spider, Ultimate Spider-Man Crime-Fightin' Spider-Man and Night Mission Spider-Man, Marvel Universe "House of M" Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man Capture Trap Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man, and Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2099...!

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  1. That is so funny. I immediately thought of the pocket heroes line from Mego when I saw that Spidey...I won't be getting these unless they make a villain that hasn't been done yet.

  2. I knew you would be getting these Super-D.

  3. Cool figures! Almost got them last weekend.

  4. 3rd number spider-man simple is my FAVOURITE