Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Marvel Legends Icon Series Thor

I'm a fan of large action figures, in spite of their generally inherent issues of clunky articulation and large spacial footprint. These Marvel Legends Series Icons figures came out around 2007, and we saw later releases of oversized figures released within the Marvel Universe line in the Gigantic Battles box sets, which included 3 3/4" figures. Long out of retail circulation, these can sometimes be expensive on the secondary market, but I won this one for about $30, shipping included, on an eBay auction. I don't have much interest in any of the other Icons Series figures, but this Thor appealed to me  due to his classic styling and real soft goods cape made of luxurious silken cloth. Nice! See my video for more photos!

Icons Thor has double-jointed knees, hinge/swivel joints at the wrists and shoulders, swivel at the biceps, an abdominal hinge, and a swivel waist. The left hand even has individual finger articulation, and Thor was given a toe joint at the end of his boot- pretty nifty. There's a certain chunkiness to the articulation, though the joints are tight, and the ball-jointed head  and shoulders are restricted by the hair and shoulder pads. 

The sculpt is great- he looks like Thor! Though the paint apps are lacking in the skin tone , metal parts, helmet and torso, and his mighty Mjolnir looks and feels a little cheap. But at $19.99 retail, it was a good value- even for 2007. And he really is a great representation of the Mightiest Avenger, with a stunningly beautiful cape! I saw the recent Thor: The Dark World at the matinee this past Sunday, right after shooting this footage, and will think of the fun I had with my two pals that afternoon every time I see this action figure   :)

Thor is a natural counterpart to the Savage Frost Giant I picked up a couple years ago, who shares a great deal of parts as the Thunder God....

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See my video for more photos!



  1. I love this Super Thor and the way you photograph the groups together. You must have a separate tub for each character. I have the big Doom from the Legends line.

  2. Geez, I didn't realize how big he was until I saw him in the group shot. That's an awesome figure.

  3. Icons Thor doesn't seem to have a problem at the hip area where the ball-hinges are. I like how his cape is made of real fabric. I can't say anything ungodly about this figure.

  4. I like nothing better than seeing all the THORS together in one place.