Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Mattel 12in. Batman Unlimited Figures

From memory, I believe the 12" Batman Unlimited figure line came out of the former Power Attack line around 2015-16, then morphed into the 12" Batman Missions line. This ongoing "evergreen" line of Batman toys spanned across different scales as well, from Mattel's 2" Mighty Minis to 6" basic figures offered at big box retail. I've picked up a few of these from time to time, circling back to pick these up more recently on the secondary market.

I prefer Mattel's use of cloth goods for the capes on their 12" figures as opposed to Spin Master's vinyl capes. I was surprised when Spin Master won the merchandising contract for the "boys' toys" category away from Mattel in 2020, though I do feel like they have made some fun toys and raised the bar in some ways I think.

The blue and silver Batman was included exclusively with an attack quad vehicle set, while the armored Batman came individually boxed, Mechs Vs. Mutants sub branding stamped on the corner. I didn't understand the mutant aspect, but Batman and Green Arrow mechs were part of that line.

Below, Unlimited Armored Batman with my 2016 Unlimited Bat-Mech- a favorite toy of mine that featured an opening chest cockpit to house Mattel's 2" Might Minis. Super fun! You can see similar design elements they share, making them a nice pair...

Below, the Blue and Silver Unlimited Batman with my Mattel New 52 Superman, both which share a lot of sculpt detail. Superman was the only one of these I picked up in 2015, so it's fun to have another figure from the line to pair with him...

I've amassed more than a few 12" Batman figures recently, both older Mattel and more recent Spin Master versions. See my recent posts on Spin Master Metal Tech and Bat Tech Batman, The Batman, and Mattel Justice League Stealth Batman. These two earlier Batman Unlimited figures lack the knee articulation later figures would enjoy, but there is something pleasing about their simple, bright deco. 

More Later- Make It FUN!

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