Monday, February 12, 2024

MOTU Masterverse New Eternia Deluxe Ram Man


I picked up this Deluxe New Eternia Ram Man at a discounted price on the secondary market recently, quite late to the game- a tremendous oversight as this is one of the best Masterverse figures produced, with a fantastic sculpt/deco, loaded with accessories.

When the Masterverse line first dropped in 2021, it wasn't clear if we would be getting traditional representations of all the Masters of the Universe characters, or if the line would only follow the Netflix Revelations series. We did begin seeing classic representations though, accelerating with the New Eternia launch. We get a classic Ram Man in the New Eternia series that hits all the right notes and beyond.

Below, Ram Man with his head & chest overlay that are purportedly based on designer Mark Taylor's concept art, featuring goggled eyes and chest armor- I'm unfamiliar with the horned devil insignia, but shouldn't it be a ram's head? I love the clips on the back of this additional armor for stowing his axe!

Clawful is no match for Ram Man!

The third head sculpt features another concept drawing with a fully masked helmet and an orange key insignia on the back, the symbolism of which I cannot find anything about. I really like this beefed-up combo!

Below, Masterverse Ram Man with my MOTU Origins Ram Man
which was also a deluxe offering in that line, and one of my favorites...

Below, Ram Man with some of my other Masterverse Heroic Warriors: Jitsu, Battle Armor He-Man, Teela, and Fisto. I can't say enough good things about the New Eternia Ram Man, which has to be my favorite of them all. I have more Masterverse and Origins to show you here on the Super-DuperToyBox- thanks for reading!

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  1. I wonder if Ram Man was inspired by the Juggernaut in X-Men comics? I agree that the devil insignia should be a ram but maybe it's because didn't Skeletor have a ram's head staff?

  2. Maybe, PT ...maybe they thought the Havoc Staff would compete with any other ram-themed symbolism among the other characters

  3. As much as I love GI Joe and Marvel Properties, they don't display nearly as great as MOTU figures do.