Wednesday, February 14, 2024

MOTU Masterverse New Eternia Man-At-Arms & Trap Jaw

These Masterverse figures arrived from Amazon last December as part of the most recent New Eternia Wave. I had preordered them almost immediately upon solicitation, their classic representations of each character a big draw for me- a kid who witnessed the 1982 debut of Mattel's Masters of the Universe line.

With two separate head sculpts and two unique helmets, this New Eternia Man-At-Arms feels like a deluxe figure- if that's not enough, the extra fists and ball and chain accessory surely put it closer to that classification. Like Ram Man, we got a weapon clip on the figure's armor to stow his mace. The helmets fit snugly onto both heads, too- I can't praise this figure enough for its looks and functionality. 

Masterverse New Eternia Man-At-Arms with my MOTU Origins Man-At-Arms:

Below. Man-At-Arms with some of the other Masterverse Heroic Warriors: 


I didn't have Trap Jaw in 1983 but was still playing with Masters of the Universe and had four figures from that year in my collection. The accessories are always part of the appeal of a character like Trap Jaw- this New Eternia version features a unique jaw-clamp accessory that can be changed out with the figure's standard magenta jaw. Also included is a sword that can be sheathed on the figure's back. Delightful!

Masterverse New Eternia Trap Jaw with my MOTU Origins Trap Jaw:

Masterverse Trap Jaw with Beastman, Mer-Man, and Skeletor...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. My first thought about Man-At-Arms is when you have the chain on his weapon it looks like a ball in the cup toy more than a deadly mace. Otherwise they look pretty cool.