Friday, March 1, 2024

NECA D&D Ultimate Warduke

I can't remember if I had Warduke as a kid in the '80s, or my best friend had him, but I did have a few of the LJN figures and that fantastic Fortress of Fangs playset! Regardless, I was a little late to the game with these NECA Dungeons & Dragons figures, scoring this one from an online seller recently (

This is a beautiful action figure with a ton of accessories- be careful with it though, I knocked one of the earpieces out of its port on the helmet almost immediately. I was able to repair this with some superglue easily enough, but they are pretty rigid. The joints are stiff at some points, so ease into it- you might run a heat fun or hair dryer over it to loosen things up. I also had to loosen up the sheath to his scabbard on the right side with a bamboo pick so I could put the weapon in- paint or glue was obstructing this, and my initial attempt to sheath his weapon left a mark on the painted blade. Small quibbles to be sure but be aware.

The flaming sword accessory really looks alight when photographed from the right angle!

Like a lot of NECA figures, Warkduke has ample articulation, but not the range and number of joints a typical Marvel Legends or McFarlane figure currently has. This figure is pretty stiff, so I'm nervous about stretching out too far, but he can do enough for me. The sculpting and paint deco is spectacular and NECA nailed the character likeness!

Warduke's extra blades seem off-scale somehow... they have the shape of a sword, but the length of knives? Regardless, my figure will be displayed holding his large sword and shield like the original '80s LJN figure.

NECA Warduke with MOTU Masterverse Hordak:

NECA Warduke with McFarlane Toys Etrigan The Demon and The Witcher Geralt of Rivia:


I'm curious how deep NECA will go into the characters for this series- I'd love to see some larger characters like the Ogre King or Northlord! NECA will be releasing a retro-carded version of this figure with a different paint deco, which I will be sure to get! Be sure to check out the Action Figure Archive's page on  LJN's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line from the '80s!

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  1. That does look pretty cool but the backup swords do look more like knives. I have that Etrigan figure, though I wish they'd have made him in his traditional red than the New 52 version.

  2. I didn't have the strong attachment to the D&D franchise as most collectors did as a kid. My only figures from the line were Strongheart and Dragonne. Never had Warduke but he is a beautiful figure.