Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hero World Green Lantern by Fisher-Price

On my Friday toyhunting excursion I found this extremely cute Hero World Green Lantern by Fisher-Price! Let's take a look at this FUN toy in a video I made for you:

I LOVE a toy with a projectile, and Hero World Green Lantern's fist-launcher packs a wallop- a lot of fun!

But the fun doesn't stop there- by turning the dial on Green Lantern's back, you can spin his battle staff and really get the action going! Molded in transluscent green plast like his weapons, Green Lantern's sheild features the same lantern insignia sculpted in relief onto his chest.

The hair and mask remind me of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner more than Hal Jordan, though I feel Fisher-Price was going for a likeness of Ryan Reynolds, the actor starring in this summer's highly anticipated, highly merchandised motion picture.

Personally, I prefer this to all the official Green Lantern movie toys that have recently flooded the toy aisles. He's a sturdy toy with a lot of accessories and action features. The movie merchandise released by Mattel has just failed to turn me on, especailly considering all the other COOL Green Lantern toys I already have. That said, while have no desire to see Ryan Reynold's belly button, I will go see the movie  :D

And now just for fun, a group shot... I just love to play "BIG TOY/little toy" here on the Super-DuperToyBox  :D

a. Imaginext Green Lantern (with his jet in the background)
b. DC Direct Deluxe 1:6 Green Lantern Corps Action Figure
c. Mattel DC Universe Classics Hal Jordan
d. Mattel Action League Hal Jordan
e. Hero World Green Lantern by Fisher-Price
Also see my Mattel Retro-Action Green Lantern and my DC Direct New Frontier Hal Jordan!

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  1. Yeah he looks a lot like the movie GL but thats not a bad thing. Am thinking of getting a couple GL figures but not for sure yet. I want to get a hold of the old Super Powers Hal Jordan figure and i saw a very cool Kilowog Trio set at TRU the other day for $10 i think it was i think those would be the two i would want to get a hold of if i could.

  2. The accessories are nice. Do they fit into the hands of a DCUC figure?

  3. Erin- the fist shooter doesn't really work with a DCUC, but my DCUC Hal CAN hold the spear & shield

  4. Nice collection of Green Lanterns, I haven't picked up over half of these yet, but you are making me want to go find some, LOL.

  5. He's pretty cool - I haven't bit on this scale/toyline yet, but some have been very tempting!

  6. Thanks for the info - if these ever hit clearance, I might pick one up for the shield alone.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I am totally digging on the extra awesome photos to go with each figure that you profile. Some really nice stuff that is going to go into a new feature over at the Cave of Cool. I will be collecting your photos with their watermarks and doing a 'best of' every week or so depending on how many cool photos I find. Like TOY HAVEN, you really have stepped up your game lately and I appreciate the effort.