Tuesday, August 9, 2022

MOTU Origins Wave 6 Webstor & Eternian Goddess

 I've been sitting on these MOTU Origins Wave 6 figures for a bit, Webstor being the one that interested me most. I didn't have the original Webstor in 1984, having moved onto other things with the onset of puberty. I love the head sculpt and colors on this figure, but the grapple pack makes him top heavy- if I had a compatible back plate, I'd ditch the grapple- it's mechanism kind of works, but not that well. There's no place to stow the hook or his orange gun, and only one gripping hand.

Below, an Eternian Palace Guard spots Webstor scaling the walls of Castle Grayskull ...!

Webstor invades Castle Grayskull with some of the other Evil Warriors: 

Though a straight up repaint of the Origins Teela, I remember the Eternian Goddess of those early mini comics included in the 1982 debut of Masters of the Universe. This Eternian Goddess would later evolve through a somewhat convoluted continuity into Teela, further confused by her sometime identification as the Sorceress. Like the updated Evil-Lyn, the Goddess has the improved knees, which were a vast aesthetic improvement.

Below Sorceress, Temple of Darkness Sorceress (included with the MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull), Eternian Goddess, Teela, Evil-Lyn, and the updated Evil-Lyn.

Both Webstor and the Eternian Goddess included the "Rock and a Hard Place" mini comic that my LOP Beast Man came with. I'm glad they brought back the mini comics for this line- the original Alfredo Alcala mini comics included with the '80s MOTU line captured my imagination. Check out the online Battle Ram Blog to reminisce about the original Masters of the Universe line!

And finally, the Eternian Godess guards over Castle Grayskull 

More Later- Make It FUN!

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