Monday, September 24, 2012

State of the ToyBox: Currently On Display!

One of our fellow toy bloggers was recently getting their collection organized, so I thought I'd get out the featherduster, move some things around, and commit to neatness over the weekend. It's easy to let things pile up and get too crowded, so I shifted the arrangement in my glass case, putting some figures away while bringing out others. 

Taking a look from top to bottom, my 13" DC Direct Superman came out of the cabinet and onto the top in one of my plexi display boxes, along with some favorite Mattel Flash and Batman toys, including some Retro-Action dollies. I love to see several different sizes & styles of one character together- BIGTOY/littletoy is one of my favorite was to play! I got a couple frames to display some 2011 Marvel calender art I had, and finally framed the Batman Vs. Catman mini poster that came with my Mattel Batman Legacy Catman. Below that I hung my DC Direct Jusice League International Batman, an action figure that looks so cool that I never opened him. I found him tucked in a shelving behind some CDs, brushed him off, and pinned him to the wall so I could better enjoy him for awhile.
And of course the top shelf of my glass cabinet still is, and will likely always be dedicated to J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter. I arranged a couple packed figures that had been hiding in the closet around the back of my grouping and moved my light feature up from the bottom shelf with them to spice things up. A few of my other 13" DC figures had been crowding it up in there, so now I can better enjoy all the green goodness  :D  See my Martian Nativity from last Christmas!
Marvel took the second shelf over, represented by some of my Diamond Select figures, 6" Hasbro Avengers, Thor, and Legends figures, and my Marvel Universe 12" Savage Frost Giant...
Back to DC Comics on the third shelf, the Dark Knight of Gotham being the theme, my deluxe  DC Direct Batman Beyond being the centerpiece, and a couple DC Direct Robin action figures thrown in for good measure. See the two "First Appearance" Batmen? One is a 6" DC Direct, and the other is a 9" Masterpiece Edition dolly by Hasbro, both of which feature wired, poseable capes.
Down below are some favorite Marvel Universe toys, including my 16" Sentinel, Fantastic Four & Guardians of the Galaxy box sets, new She-Hulk & Psylocke, and prized Archangel! My brother asked who the nudist was when he saw Sub-Mariner down there  :D

I've had the Batman Returns poster framed & displayed for awhile now, but put my Green Lantern Series 3 Batman as Green Lantern next to it after the lucky break of my life, finding this rare figure at Slackers for the paltry sum of $14.99. Still can't believe that- SO great   :D
I also finally framed the signed Chris Giarrusso poster I got at Project: Comicon this summer, a tribute to the famous Brave & The Bold cover done by Mike Sekowsky in 1960. I love Chris' childlike interpretation of Marvel & DC characters, and really enjoyed his Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion book!

Out in the main room, little has changed, though I put aways some of the crowd gathering around my display shelving. My deluxe DC Direct Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps figures remain the centerpiece atop the bookshelf, but I brought out some Retro-Action Green Lantern figures I still had on card, and my Blackest Night Hal Jordan. Down front is my DC Direct Sinestro Green Lantern- a figure I am still obsessed over after reading the New 52 Green Lantern title. Sinestro is a great character and I'm crazy about Doug Mahnke's art!

I rearranged the wall shelving minimally, which still features some of my favorite 10" Deluxe ToyBiz figures, including Beast, Cable, Shatterstar, Gambit, and Spider-Man 2099. I have a lot of these, some newer to the collection alongside my glass cabinet,  and find their simplistic design and bright colors very appealing.

And finally, a look at the Hulk collection- no they aren't all in there, but my Marvel Select Avengers Hulk and Hasbro Avengers Hulk are somewhat new to the grouping. Loved the Hulk as a kid, and still do!  :D

 More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. That was beautiful. I love the use of those plexi-boxes. I always said that the figures look better in the boxes but your combination of out/in looks really great. Everyone's collection is so individualized because there is so much to choose from. I like the focus on the few favorites and the cool design of each incarnation of the characters.

  2. Great job Colin! Everything looks awesome. I am still plugging away with my re-organizing, but I really liked how you categorized and displayed your collection. You added some inspiration for me to complete the other half of my toy room.

  3. Looks awesome Colin! Thanks for sharing with all of us. : )

  4. Freakin' awesome. Too hard to pick a 'favorite' so it's a tie between the green shelves; Hulk and Martian Manhunter! Looking good!

  5. AWESOME Super-D! I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful displays

  6. Love the Hulk collection :) :)

  7. Great collection! Love the way it is exposed!

  8. I find cleaning the display always seem like a chore at first, but once started, it is a lot of fun lol!

    Loving the Green Lantern and Hulk display!

  9. Awesome set up Colin. Love the framed pieces as well as how you have a set up of small, medium and large figure in a display box.


  10. Wow! Its so neat! You've inspired me to organize all my stuff...time to get the bins out of storage and hang stuff up!

  11. I love that Sentinel. I have the old version of him from the Animated Line but that version is great.

  12. The Sentinel figure is just awesome. Now all you need is one of Galactus. Of course you might need another shelf level, since he's likely to encroach on the other figures. :)